3 thoughts on “After a Shaky 2008, U.S. Broadband Growth Picks Up”

  1. The underlying question remains: what type of speed are customers getting? With video applications taking off like a rocket, HD channels needing at least 10 megabits each, petabyte storage aka “Cloud Computing” — I think it’s less about penetration today and more about robustness/speed. I could be wrong.

    Anyone catch Australia’s announcement a few weeks back — they (Public/Private Partnership) are going to fiber 90% of the country in 5 years. Minimum bandwidth to every home and biz on the fiber into the premise is 100m megabits.

    The 10% that can’t be cost effectively served by fiber – they will get satellite.

    America is woefully behind other advanced countries relative to speed — we (USA) have feel good numbers on penetration but the economic engine requires gobs of bandwidth. Our minimum national standard should be 100 megabits — what is our penetration rate at 100 megabits? Answer: Embarrassing

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