After being hacked Apple’s developer site still offline

8 thoughts on “After being hacked Apple’s developer site still offline”

  1. As an iOS developer I would have loved to know earlier. At the same time, though, I didn’t want misunderstandings and gut reactions, I wanted to know what the issue was. Maybe Apple knew and just didn’t say. But I would bet they were still trying to figure out the extent of the issue before notifying us. I’m no security expert but I can’t imagine tracking down and understanding the full extent of a breach is easy nor trivial.

      1. Om,

        I agree with you. They should have informed their dev community (as you pointed out, a crucial part of their ecosystem) of the breach as soon as they confirmed that it was indeed a security breach. Waiting to give details is fine, but I’m sure that many members of the community would have reset their passwords to other accounts using the same e-mail address as soon as they found out.

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