11 thoughts on “What Every Startup Can Learn From AirBnB”

  1. Incredible story. I know it’s hard to change what works but consider changing the name of your company. AIRBNB sounds terrible for anyone who has never heard of you. You’d be better off with a name that people are familiar with, that is easier to type.

  2. “… which lists rooms from 9,000 cities in 175 cities”

    Reads as an error. Do you mean 9,000 rooms in 175 cities?

    1. Thanks for point that out, Sylvie. It actually should be “9,000 cities in 170 countries.” I made the correction.

  3. This is really a great interview, and a new bookmark at the same time. Actually, I’m running into a problem their just solved. I’m going to London in 2 weeks time and having waited till the last moment to look for Hotels showed me that I would need to spend, at least, £300 a night, with AirBnB I can go and only spend £30-50 a night.

    Great Great Great find

  4. I would think the name AIRBED-N-B would have more resonance with people than the ones mentioned here. I have a start up with a name that has some issues so I hope AIRBNB finds a brand identity that works for them. Great story!

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