9 thoughts on “AirBnB's new offices will cost as much as $97 million over 10 years”

  1. The economics of this are insane. What a bizarre world where people running these companies consider this arrangement as acceptable. What’s even more amusing is that old school, Fortune 100 companies are starting to realize what a waste corporate real estate is, and moving more jobs to remote positions. Think about that… you spend less on real estate, and you don’t limit your talent pool geographically.

    Lunch time… I think I’ll hang out in my hot tub. (Yeah, I work remotely.)

    1. Good points. The real estate has always been a problem for technology companies and they seem to basically underestimate the problems they sign-up for because of bad real estate leases.

  2. There is one major flaw in this story, The Giftcenter & Jewelrymart and it’s 120+ wholesale jewelers have not left 888 Brannan. Not only is the Giftcenter & Jewelrymart thriving but the Landlord is investing in a new lobby and courtyard along with all new finishes all to be completed by the 4th quarter of 2012. The 120 tenants of the Giftcenter & Jewlerymart look forward to their new neighbor AirBnB.

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