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  1. To answer the first comment, voice is more difficult in a web browser for a couple of reasons. To do binary byte manipulation which is necessary for RTP, the language needs to be able to handle unsigned chars or something easily. Javascript is not well suited to this task. The other issue is access to the soundcard. Javascript does not natively allow you to have arbitrary access to soundcard samples.

    Both of these problems can be solved by wrapping Java modules with Javascript interfaces but its ugly and requires the browser to have Java working which breaks Ajax.

  2. To answer the second comment, I need it! My corporate firewall blocks me from using AIM. Now I have a nice web-based application that will tunnel through that! I’m going to test it tomorrow when I get to work and I’ll let you know.

  3. Hey Om, while the technology might be cool I see a very big issue with this kind of rolling up of identity be start-ups.

    Here it is:

    I imagine one of my kids saying, “Dad, I heard about a cool site called Meebo where I just have to give them my MSN, AOL, and Yahoo IDs and passwords and they’ll let me use their great new website. Can I use it?”

    And I imagine myself saying “No. Haven’t you her about phishing? Whatever you do, NEVER give anyone your passwords.”

    How does a start-up get over the trust issue?

    1. Here is it 2009, Meebo is no longer a “startup” but somehow my yahoo messenger password was sold/stolen or hacked to send spam yahoo messenger spam. I use meebo exclusively, mostly from Debian machines though occasionally from xp or vista.

      Trust is always an issue when you hand some website your password. Meebo may not be directly at fault, but I won’t be using meebo anymore.

      Even if not for the sold/stolen or hacked password issue…each time I sign in the pop-over ads, some with audio on meebo are increasingly more shrill and obnoxious on a daily basis.

      Now I DO understand that programmers do not work for free, and it costs money to host a website so if it’s your model to sell ads the burden is on you to make sure they are annoying enough to get someone’s attention and yet unobtrusive enough to prevent functionality and thus alienating your visitors.

  4. An AJAX Office Suite makes sense as that allows you to store your documents on the server with web based access/editing from any desktop ,but a AJAX IM ?? . I hate technology for the sake of technology so i am standing by my previous comment !.

    But said all these i have to say thats a nice piece of engineering and wish them good luck!

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  6. Just tested the service through my corporate firewall (I don’t know what we use here but its annoying) and things work fine! This is the first time I’ve been able to get AIM inside my corporate island, which just rocks.

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  9. Meebo is great, but it’s going completely in the wrong direction. A good feature of an IM, but IM is moving towards many different forms of graphics (AV, VoIM, Breeze and Webex-type apps), and Meebo is stuck in the background, holding onto the idea that text chat is the future (with the application of AJAX and universal accessibility of course). Good idea, but wrong direction.

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  11. maz hit the nail on the wall. I woud’nt trust giving my IM passwords to them. Heck, if I created a service like that, i’d be snooping around people’s emails. 🙂

  12. While AJAX has been great with gmail and such web2 mashups, what we really need is user-friendly mobile computing. If the problem of user-interfaces for this were solved, we would really see a billion of these mobile computers, with everyone using verious software applications from these mobile friendly edge devices. Can AJAX be adopted to solve the wireless user-interface problem ?

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  14. ya so here’s what it’s prolly frequently used by… bored school girls (me, which explains why im writing this) whose schools have blocked aim and we can’t figure out the right ports to use to proxy or we do and it cuts us off after 3 minutes so we found meebo and then our school blocked that too… so… anyone know of something similair or how to get around St. Bernard all together?? aside from a free proxy website like guardster because they’re blocking that too

  15. have you tried www5.meebo.com or placing random numbers by www that should get past it if the school blocks the url

  16. yeah…..is there any other sort of program/website that is similar to this??my school filter still blocks out the meebo site under the definition “chat”. if anyone finds something, email it to me with “meebo alt” in the subect line…..

  17. I think meebo is great! It’s a really cool and useful implementation of AJAX, and it’s simple in scope, which is elegant.

    However, I wonder if they’ve found a cool way around a problem that may face my company (we’re involved in pay-for-IM stuff). All the IM network user agreements have provisions against this kind of thing. Google’s agreement is the nicest, but AOL and Yahoo (or maybe it was MSN) are pretty restrictive.

    Of course, with $3-4M in funding this week and with the friends that come with that money, meebo should have a better time working with the IM biggies to work out any problems.

    We hope to get past similar problems, but ours is a little deeper, because we turn IMing into pure commerce, which has traditionally been a no-no (in fact, the IM user agreements are very specific about not even using IM for business).

    We’re not lawyers, but we figure this language is really more about the IM network providers not wanting any liability for business interruption (and not so much that they just don’t want IM used for business in some general sense).

    — Lance
    — FaceBridge

  18. if ur skool blocks meebo cuz of “web chat” jus type in www(random number).meebo.com nd it’ll work
    ex: www5.meebo.com

  19. My school has blocked all the different ports on the network. We can’t get to meebo using the different numbers. is there any other way? The school has blocked everything except java from what we can tell.

  20. type dis in ya url NO www. & NO .com or .co.uk just this===== try it it works iv been usin it all day comment bak and tell me if it works

  21. Is Meebo service legal? Do Meebo has the right to provide service owned by others (MSN, YM)?

    I think Meebo will take Yahoo’s revenue from advertisement. Is it legally OK?

  22. Hi,

    Havent bin able 2 logon 2 Meebo. my school as blocked it an me n me mates car get on. doz ne1 now of a way on. i ave tried using the numba methods but still dow work.


  23. where can i get the newest website of meebo, missin out big style i cor chat wid me mates cuz school keeps blocking it. i tried typing an also www5.meebo.com but non work. is the a website i can join 4 the latest info?

  24. Just try “www.meebo.us.tt”.it will not only allow access to “meebo” but also to “orkut” , “yahoomail” , “free sms” , “chess playing” and more.
    did it work ?

  25. hi i think meebo is gr8 but i need an alternative site for meebo because my high school has filterd it from there server can any one give me one please thanx

    josh gifford

  26. can you tell me ip address for meebo,the lastes one please i am in a school and don’t allow me if is not with ip address

    thank u

  27. hey 2 all , this is a gr8 thing ppl on here r doin lol we need more codes because was quick as we type thm , my high school is just blocking thm again , i have tryed the typing the random numbers in but my school has blocked the word meebo , is any1 nos of any otha ways around school filters plz post it , me nd my m8s wud b very gr8 full ,

    thanks josh

  28. Hi, people!
    I’m looking for a way to access meebo, or any other site that I can talk by msn…I’ve been trying all options above, all same, and no one work out… :’-(
    My company blocked ip’s, etc,etc…are there hope for me? Please…help!


  29. It’s useful for all people in the world. But now I can’t get to use “meebo” web. My office has blocked “meebo” and IP address. I try to anyway. but not connect to this web. Pls help me!
    May be change web’s name: “meebo” to another name address?

    thanks you!

  30. I want to use yahoo messenger behind ISA firewall .can anybody help me.Our network administrator has already blocked Meebo & E-messneger.net.Can anybody suggest another sites

  31. Does anyone have any sites that doesn’t say “proxy” (because my school blocks that name) to get around on myspace?

  32. hi i think my school has boked every ip code for meebo im code there is i mite need to hack in the scool to stop this menace

  33. i love meebo but they have blocked it at school have you got another website that we can use. xxxxxx

  34. Hi, people!
    I WAS happy in my last mail…they found the ip of goowy.info and blocked again…If someone knows other web based IM, please post here, ok?


  35. Hello all,

    Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to tell me the IP address of meebo. My company had blocked it. And now I can use meebo thru IP. Thanku so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Mona Soni

  36. hey guys – i noticed a number of comment above about meebo being blocked at a bunch of sites. we noticed this too, but also noticed a lot of meebo users were relying on third party proxies to get around the blocks. that’s not very safe as proxies are ripe for phishing attacks, conversation sniffing, etc. as a result, we put out a little program (the meebo repeater) so that users can set up their own (safe) port forwarder at home. the link is here http://blog.meebo.com/?page_id=140. hope this helps! seth

  37. do u have more codes for ”me to have just skool has blocked it
    tthey have blocked
    plz help

  38. A new web based Instant Messenger featuring Ajax based technologies. The messenger enables you to log in to your favorite Instant Messenger client like AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!, IRC and so forth.

    Enjoy and any feedback would be appreciated.

  39. oh my God!

    I cna’t belive i actually found a hotmail site thanx to u guys now i can chat to my friends!!! well cggs blockes anything even chat sites so i’m very greatfull that i found a chat sites!!!

    luv ya’s!!!!!

    send me some more

  40. Hey people i go to The Kings School in Sydney, Australia, here are some ip’s that we have used and are now blocked,,,,, as you can see we are running out of options, has anyone got any websites that tell you the ip’s of meebo e-messenger etc.? oh also a realy good website that works is http://www.e-buddy.com (best web messenger around garanteed!)

  41. This one is great, even better than meebo on my opinion. It uses https to encrypt the conversation so the network administrator will not be able to know you are chatting 🙂 so far my school did not block this site.


  42. I need a new web site to get around the blocks that they have set up at school. They have already blocked meebo, masterproxy, proxymaster, roboproxy, and now their trying to block WebUlocker. Does anyone know a way to get around all this?????

  43. any site to access orkut ? proxy sites show “cookie functionality turned off” error and some of them don’t go further than “Loggin In”

  44. ok theres a lot of workign sites here to get onto IMing sites but is there any actual antiproxys out there that still work in schools to get to like myspace and stuff cause the school im at has blocked hotmail.com and i need my mailll

  45. ok so my skool is pretty gayy they blocked EVERYHTHING to get on meebo…its rele not fair. someone has to make an alternate link for meebo because skools keep blocking everything. I cant even get on the school website n e move without havin s**t blocked out…im pretty pissed…so if n e one knows NEW coades that have not been posted let me know.


  46. how about have some cheese with your fucking whine. Why don’t you fucking losers work on school studies instead of thinking taxes provide computers for you to chat on.

  47. hey people, i tried absolutley everything and i still cant get on msn or meebo or anything!!!!!!!! does anyone out there know a way to get on to one of them as my stupid college has blocked them all and i cant get on to anything!!!!! plz help!!!!! 🙁

  48. My school blocks all nuts of meebo as given you by dears.
    Can any one help me to give the new link for meebo.


  49. our school has bloked all tha well nown web messengerz lyk iluvim n meebo n all thm tingz…is thr a new 1 tht they wont ov herd ov??

  50. hi… in my office .. i have worked out all the proxies bt nt able to open orkut…
    error: scoket remote error… ya gatefilter ban list… etc…
    some proxies may open the login page bt then nothing happen after entering user name and password..
    pls help me out..

  51. just fallow this link and it will bypass any firewall just type in the address bar what site you want to go on and it will take you there after a few mins of loading
    i use this in collage and it work perfect
    write bk if it works

  52. just fallow this link and it will bypass any firewall just type in the address bar what site you want to go on and it will take you there after a few mins of loading
    i use this in collage and it work perfect
    write bk if it works

  53. Those websites that you are talking about Meebo.com and the other along with lots of other proxy sites such as a-ztunnel.com/.net have been found at my school and the ones that have not do not work or do not let you log on to the thing you want to log on to…are there any others that you know about that can help me?

  54. this is shit
    every thing is bloked someone find another site that doesnt use words like “meebo” or “proxy” or “webchat” everything like that is bloke
    someone make a new site that doesnt include those words in the search
    then people at work and school can use them with out it being bloked

  55. hi! our school has blocked all of the chat sites and i dont know what to do!!! ive already tried chinese websites!! help me please!

  56. hi guys
    i try all the proxys , all most every proxy still now.but i am unavailable to find meebo.
    in my companey every proxy is blocked, even some crusias ones also..
    plz any one help to me to meebo.
    i want proxy..

  57. i would lke to get myspace and bebo unblocked av tryed all the unblock sites which all have bn blocked. if u have any websites that unblock sites then can u email me them to ma hotmail please which is lovedoesntexist@hotmail.co.uk

    andy xxx

  58. HI all,
    my company has blocked alll the proxy sites , includes k-proxy, calculate pie… alll actually they have blocked all the sites on the basis of Categories like sites related to : chat /blog/ anonymizers… etc… can anybody help with some proxy which can by pass all

  59. Hahahhahhaaaaaaaaaaaa LOL.
    Thank You all for the asking and solution requests and answers…..
    I have all noticed and blocked for my own ISA Server 2006 and all BLOCKED very fine 🙂
    Thank You for the help
    Best Regards
    Yes i am a gay/bitch

    I need help to block the gmail chat. Any ideas? I mean if you login with you gmail account its come enabled quick contacts (look at the left side) and the chat function is enabled. How can to be blocked???

  60. Hi
    I tried above all tricks. but still orkut is blocked. anybody has other proxy??? last i used this one..

  61. I need a meebo redirecting website because my school blocked meebo.com and verticalimits was blocked too. Thank you

  62. HI all,
    my company has blocked alll the proxy sites , includes k-proxy, calculate pie… alll actually they have blocked all the sites on the basis of Categories like sites related to : chat /blog/ anonymizers… etc… can anybody help with some proxy which can by pass all

  63. Guys if you have a home PC that’s constantly connected to the internet, follow these steps


    If not go to http://www.proxz.com and get a proxy server that works. Warning. It’s better to use the steps at the site I posted below, because it means everything you do while at work or school will be ENCRYPTED. If you just use a proxy server, they can filter all of the packets you send and receive and know exactly what you’re doing — and fire you.

  64. I work for a very know computer company and I’ve tried every single IP in this web and none works, please help I need to connect to MSN

  65. If you are behind a firewall that blocks Meebo, download UltraSurf from a non-restricted connection. Copy UltraSurf to your thumb-drive. Open the UltraSurf executable and enjoy your unfiltered browsing.

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