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  1. Got excited when I saw the title, then I read it to find out that it’s an Ajax model implemented in a J2ME app. What’s novel about that? Ajax is a novel development approach/methodology when it comes to rich internet applications … we have many development methodologies lending themselves to like implementations in a dedicated execution environment, like the MIDP on a mobile device.

    I think you would get as compelling of a product, if not more, with Flash. Although, your penetration rates would be much lower.

    Would would be great is to see an equiv. to Ajax for mobile for mobile internet apps … but we need the next generation of browsers on mobile devices before that can happen. Why are the native/stock mobile browsers so last-decade, anyway?

    Flash Lite plug-in for the mobile browser would be a great place to start.

  2. Yes, definitely!!! — Mobile RSS is finally going to hit it big, and getting AJAX to mobiles in a fluid, friendly fashion is just another step away. Imagine getting all these cool new apps in a fast way on mobile…

  3. Calling Java ME “AJAXâ€? is not only stretching it way too much, but it is wrong — it is a Java smart client, not a script…

    AJAX will come to handsets with future mobile browsers though…

    I do agree 2006+ will be great year(s) for wireless mobility…


  4. to be fair, all that most developers can do right now is port AJAXesque apps to other platforms like J2ME to get them on devices in the market today.

    There are mobile ajax clients being developed by the top client browser development companies but to get the handset manufacturers to put these into the handsets themselves is the big challenge.

    so lets give google a bit of a break and instead of slamming them for releasing on J2ME lets instead hope they are breaking the way for handset manufacturers to get on the Mobile Ajax wave and realise people will want it and it won’t be another MMS fiasco.

    There is more out there than just Opera too btw what about the new Ajax enable browser from Openwave.


    Complete with mobile widgets:


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