19 thoughts on “Akamai Gets Ready for HD Video”

  1. We’re so ready for something like this. Not sure if Apple and Akamai are still an item (thinking so from looking at the Akamai delivered graphics for Apple.com). But, if so, I wonder how this plays for AppleTV in the near term.

    2009 is going to be an awesome year for HD! Let’s just skip 2008… Who wants to watch an election year in HD anyway?

  2. Thanks Om for this sign-of-the-times post. It seems everyone is talking about HD video these days but few understand the potential impact on current Internet infrastructure. If you really want 720p videos to “just work” on a large scale, you need to re-think your delivery service. You need to not only be closer to the consumer device, you have to be on it. Akamai is a company with perhaps the best perspective on the real world math here and its great to see them embrace P2P as a solution for the future, today.

    Peer-assisted content delivery services like Pando (http://www.pando.com/platform) that work as an add-on to your existing CDN are ideal for transparently offloading the heavy lifting of HD video delivery to the collective bandwidth and storage of your viewer base. We need a standard that works natively with all CDNs, not different flavors of P2P per CDN. Consumers won’t tolerate it.

    We’re getting there.

  3. I agree with Yaron (and I actually use Pando myself) that P2P apps can fix this on a sharing level. But for distribution there has to be some DRM integration.

    I think a cable operator could hedge their bets against a broadcast to file distribution transition risk buy actually buying a big chunk of Akamai…..

  4. I think Foobai has been solving this problem for years. Since everyone else seems to be promoting sites, I’ll provide the url as well (www.foobai.com).

  5. oh come on, lets get real. we are still dealing with last mile issues. HD… take a look at apple movie trailers, they use akam… they stream flawless at HD eh?

    we need some more sober people that take into account the real world and current infrastructure…web2.0 need not be a bubble.


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