11 thoughts on “Akimbo, Dot Gone”

  1. Akimbo never had depth in any niche, and they didn’t speak Hollywood. This is the problem with the over 30 STB companies I have worked with.

    Om if you or one of your staff want to talk with an “STB” company that isn’t going to fail, drop me a line, I’d be happy to arrange a demo of the guys I’m betting on.

  2. It was originally called nextv, then akimbo, what happened is basically that flash video codec with reasonable quality video became predominant, so no need for STBs when you can just go to a site. The paradigm shifted taking the market with it. It happens.

  3. This closure has nothing to do with saturated VOD market.

    This closure has nothing to do with the sky falling.

    The MS Media center deal was the dumbest ‘distractor’ I’ve ever personally witnessed.


    I’m sure one day someones going to write a book about how something so far ahead of it’s time (but not too far – so thats not the reason), went so very very wrong.

    Dean Collins

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