6 thoughts on “Akimbo goes video blogging”

  1. I’m interested to see how Akimbo’s review process has evolved since they launched. With the clear difficulty they’ve had with more traditional content, it seems that they’ve been willing to push even further down the tail. But given this effort, I still don’t understand why they don’t just open the network up to anyone. I think it’s crazy.

  2. alex,

    i have often wondered about that, but i am assuming if that is the case, then does one really need the box. shouldn’t they simply sell the software package – which runs on any platform, and lets folks figure it out. their value proposition is the backend, something folks like brightcove want to create. who wants to buy another box. this could be a good tack-on top of the tivo or media center box. don’t you think?

  3. Om,

    I believe Akimbo has always maintained that they want to be in the software business and not in the hardware business. They only launched the box so that they could prove their technology.

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