2 thoughts on “Alaska gets WiMAXed by AT&T”

  1. It is true that Alaska is the most wired state in the nation, but it is not because of some miraculous enthusiasm about technology. It is sheer dumb luck of geography that over half of the population of the state lives in Anchorage. Wire Anchorage, and you’ve wired half the state. Another quarter live in very infrastructure-accessible places.

    Having lived in Alaska for some time I was frustrated with frequent outages from the main service provider and the $50 broadband speed was a “blazing” 900k/sec. This was true of both cable and DSL.

    To be fair, this was two years ago. But still, the Midwest had +2Mb/sec available for a similar price at the same time.

  2. Hahaha. Alaska a trendsetter in technology? Maybe, but that wasn’t my experience. I go to Alaska once a year or so since my wife’s family is from there. Last time I was there I was attempting to work off their cable modem – at a blazing 56kbps! We upgraded to something like 128kbps for an extra $10/mo. I’m glad to hear they are getting WiMax though.

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