8 thoughts on “New Device Can Monitor Traffic On Wireless Broadband Networks”

  1. Om,

    Since when did you start pitching for products on behalf of gear vendors? All service providers, wired or wireless already perform some sort of traffic management/shaping and this product isn’t exactly news.

    I’m an RF Engineer working for one of the ‘big four’ and see this happen every day. Is the need for traffic management on the data side of cellular networks growing? Yes. Is the spectrum of services that need managed on these networks growing? Sure. Is there need for better gear to aid engineers & technicians in managing traffic resources-availability/quality etc. to ensure a seamless customer experience? Aruably so (and hence the need for such products).

    But how exactly is this news? We know Alcatel Lucent is dependent on Verizon and Sprint for revenues. And we know that wireless data is growing. So needless to say, you’ll have need for network management gear. But why exactly are you touting Alcatel-Lucent gear, and moreover staking a claim that ‘network operators (do) need a tool beyond the current generation…that’s geared towards voice quality’?

    I smell literature from a product brochure. Stick to the news, Om – that’s what we keep coming here for.

  2. Om –

    Question – do you think traffic “management” is any less vile in the wireless world then in the wired?

    After all, the core reason for managing in the wireless world is due to the finite amount of bandwidth, right? Don’t the wired providers have EXACTLY the same problems?

  3. Rob

    Since I have not seen the wireless carriers do “vile” thinks as their wired counterparts, I don’t think I can say that just yes. 😉

    That said, I do agree that there are some bandwidth challenges that are emerging and carriers will have to do traffic management. However, blocking a type of traffic is something that personally doesn’t sit well with me.

  4. So basically Lucent is telling us that applications that Poll the server pretty frequently will use up Cellular Airtime — ok, thanks for the insight…

    I am also not sure how shaping helps btw…. So I think the solution here will be to “manage” the traffic…. Don’t know if this will generate good PR here…

    Application developers will probably start finding alternate wireless routes to the internet… Anyone seen the Facebook/iPhone ads on American idol… People using those devices, in front of their idiot boxes, communicate with their friends over 2.5G or WiFi?

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