16 thoughts on “Alcatel-Lucent: Sign of an Industry-Wide Malaise”

  1. Om,

    ALU and NT missed the fundamental change in communications 10 years ago. They did not prepare their roadmaps for new communications (IP) and felt they could continue to squeeze revenue out of carriers using their dated solutions.

    Let’s go into the future 10 more years. Where do you think the likes of ALU & NT will be? Alive, reborn, dead??


  2. From a business perspective, Billy Bob and Angelina was very successful — both became much more famous and got better parts after they started dating. I’d say this was more Kid Rock + Pam Anderson — both less relevant than before the marriage.

  3. OM,
    Will splitting of “Angeline and Billy Bob” cause Alcatel folks to send Lucent packing, or will the new CEO continue to struggle through the merger of unlike systems/management styles/etc?

  4. Om, very good article, but I would say that like Angelina, ALU just need to find a Brad Pitt…

    @Ben Ortega, I would not discount Alcatel-Lucent too quickly: #1 in ADSL, #1 in Optics, #1 in IPTV, #1 in IMS, #2 in edge routers just behind Cisco, leading WiMAX and LTE and a pioneer in NGN. All these technologies have IP in their veins, and that is why telcos partner with ALU to transform their networks with IP.

    ALU might not get the limelight that Cisco gets on IP, but we would not have broadband at home without the ADSL, FTTH or GPON technologies where ALU is #1.

  5. Jose, well said, the Bell heads are doing great and will take back the world…Several years after the merger we still keep multiple products in each category and this gives great confidence to our customers and partners…#1 in IMS is really a major +ve…Gives me confidence to buy stock…..#1 in WiMAX is just wonderful stuff, just wait for the market to happen….


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