10 thoughts on “P2P Start-Up AllPeers Closing Down”

  1. Om,

    With all due respects to AllPeers.com, I have never understood how file sharing services like these can make money given copyright infringement being the core of their service offerings. This being the case, how is venture investment even justified? Perhaps you can share your thoughts given the number of startups in this space that you’ve likely encountered as a publisher. I’m keenly interested in what you think investors see as the opportunity long term.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. copyright infringement

    Define copyright infringement first. If a TV program is shown in England that will never be distributed to the U.S., is getting a copy of it from someone in England an infringement? Show me the economic loss! You can’t — because they’re not trying to gain money from me by selling it to me (or even “giving” it to me by an ad-sponsored TV broadcast). Foreign TV show “dark distribution” is the biggest component of file sharing as survey after survey has shown.

    I will miss AllPeers. It was the first time I was easily able to 1) chat with people (I don’t otherwise do IM, and the hell with Twitter!), 2) swap files with friends, and 3) tap into torrents.

    It was wonderful that it worked in Firefox. And it worked well too!


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  4. “So where can Allpeers users go next?” Although we are deeply disappointed with the way this adventure has ended, my friend and i will go on gigatribe
    where there is a will …

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