4 thoughts on “Amazon CTO Werner Vogels: Cloud and SaaS are going global, fast”

  1. I agree that the cloud (IaaS) is just starting to scratch the surface… but it’s mind blowing how far ahead AWS is in the public cloud game. The way things are going it will be 5+ years before others start catching up to their scale. They’re sprinting while everyone else is trying to tie their shoes. OpenShift is not even remotely a viable alternative and may not survive to see 2015. AWS also proves once again how important it is to have a vibrant developer and ISV ecosystem. There’s nothing like the energy and momentum AWS is enjoying elsewhere in IaaS-land. I don’t know whether to be excited, scared, or both.

  2. Interesting observations on the prospects and potential of the cloud business,

    The analogy of countries skipping wired networks to go straight to wireless could be real for cloud-based services, especially when offered with utility type pricing…

  3. There’s some good research from Parallels about the growth in the SMB cloud market from 2013 to 2015 which shows the biggest growth is going to be outside US and Europe, in particular the Asia Pacific region.

    All the innovations we see from Silicon Valley tend to be limited to English only, which offers opportunities for localised versions either as actual local independent businesses or with proper localisation from the relevant US companies.


  4. What I find very interesting in this article is this line

    Even the smallest mom-and-pop operation has access to the technology that gave giants an advantage. “[The] pay-as-you-go model is pretty empowering,” Vogels said.

    Which jives with http://campustechnology.com/articles/2013/12/19/gartner-4-disruptive-trends-changing-the-future-of-it.aspx?=CTITTNL = trend number 1 suggesting the return of manufacturing to mom-and-pop businesses with 3-D printers and now IT at same cost as bigger companies? Could be the revival of SMBs and the middles class?

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