8 thoughts on “Amazon, Eucalyptus team up for just don't call it a hybrid cloud”

  1. I think overall this deal is leading the industry down the wrong road. It would be much better for the industry to bring amazon to the open cloud, than to add yet another company to the private locked in cloud. The difficulty is right now there is too much innovation occurring in the space to expect a strictly open environment. The question is not whether the future of corporate IT is the cloud, it is. The question is whether the future of the cloud is open, and this is one blow against competition.

  2. Here’s a question… where’s the press release referenced in this article?? Not only is there no link above, but the rest of the articles on this “news” at best link to GigaOm. Did Om Malik pre-announce some as yet unreleased news? Is it even really true? Can’t find release on AWS, AWS Blog, Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus blog, PR Newswire, Business Wire or Google News…

    1. John

      The press release was emailed to me via Amazon PR and I was told: Thursday, May 22 at 12.01 pst was the embargo. So I went with that and actually talked to Amazon.

      I am not in the habit of pre-announcing things and breaking embargoes. I am not sure why Amazon hasn’t released this news to other reporters or put it on the news wires just yet.

  3. This is a good announcement, thanks for writing about this Om. This is good news not only for businesses with legacy, its also good news for people contemplating starting a startup i.e. those about to begin a journey, Tabidachi 旅立ち. Now one can be much more confident about beginning on a path (particularly the API learning curve) by taking baby steps on one’s own bare metal, even in the comfort of their own SoHo, without having to start out as an AWS tenant where AWS is the landlord! Also, this is good news because it will challenge the OpenStack group. Such challenge is healthy and pushes the world forward!

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