11 thoughts on “Amazon Wireless: Smart Move. So More Specialist Stores to Come?”

  1. > How about a digital photography focused store, or a cooking-related store. What do you guys think?

    Only works if the subject is generic and standardized, unlike cooking where there can be endless depth to the variations and discussions, cell phones only have so much relevant information.

  2. i hope they also sell the service from some of the smaller unknown MVNO’s such as pageplus or sti mobile. these companies offer service at a fraction of the price of the big boys and in my experience have much better customer service(humans often actually answer the phone) the problem is that almost no one has a clue what i am talking about if i suggest them as an alternative.

  3. How about a digital photography-focused store?

    There already are digitial photography-focused stores..they’re called camera stores. Its exactly this type of thing that helps contribute to this country’s problems. Maybe if people would get back to shopping at their local stores, the economy would be better all around. I own one of those small specialty camera stores. Over 90% of the businesses like mine have disappeared, because people shop based on price ONLY. NO value is placed on service, expertise, advice. Its only about price, price, price. And yet, if you check prices at places like Best Buy, there only a few dollars cheaper than a regular camera store. Now isn’t it worth $20-$30 more to go somewhere that can give you real advice? You may even save money, because you may find out you don’t need that $1200 camera, the $800 would serve you better. But the Best Buys don’t care about the customer and online is just price and reviews, no true customer service. That’s why I don’t even offer e-commerce on my website. I use it for information and educational purposes. Am I competitve? Of course. You have to be. But I can offer so much more than Amazon in personal service. The world will be worse off when all the stores like mine are gone. Check what a regular, family owned camera store should be. http://www.moldaners.com

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