10 thoughts on “Amongst Memetrackers, Memeorandum is Money”

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  2. I agree; as I’ve commented on Pete’s blog I think I’ve spent around 90% of my effort on chuquet.com since November 2004 on the engine and about 10% on the UI.

    The UI is the next focus: a simpler initial impression with less ‘fuss’, but allowing the user to drill into interesting stuff as needed.

    Mind you, I have had some very positive feedback about the Chuquet way of presenting things…

  3. laurence, clearly you got the whole game right. make the UI so friendly that you shut me up forever. good luck, and keep us posted about all the progress you make

  4. Shutting you up for ever is item #1347 on my game plan – I just checked. That’s due Q3 2007, although there may be slippage…

    I have cunning plans for the UI, and I will keep you posted. Cheers.


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