12 thoughts on “Amp'd, another MVNO bites the dust”

  1. “Back-end infrastructure was not able to meet demand”?!? Isn’t that the point of an MVNO…that you leverage SOMEONE ELSE’S INFRASTRUCTURE?!!! Dumb f%cknuts all the way around. Hopefully we’re at bust 2.0 now…we need another Silicon Valley colonic.

  2. Which MVNO do you think has better chance of survival ?. Is Disney a good bet ?. I heard Virgin is not doing very well either.

  3. “scaling our backend infrastructure” = getting backend infrastructure providers to write off debt.

  4. I love when they talk about “reconstruction”, usually means a large group of poor souls is going to get the boot because of poor managment/planning.

  5. Amp’d is DEN (Digital Entertainment Network) 2.0… anyone that led the Amp’d investment for their respective funds should be fired. Adderton was fired from Boost… reason.. he is a marketing wank.. thats it.. nothing more.

    Helio is next.

  6. Peter Adderton is a smart guy. Correct me if I’m wrong Kyn, but have you built out an MVNO across multiple countries and sold it off to Nextel before? Oh no? maybe you should reserve your comments about Peter A until after you’ve done the same.

    Now as for amp’d going into protection — MVNO’s hit billing snags all the time. A billing system is their most important asset. This doesn’t seem like an unworkable issue. It’s not like they put up their shingle and nobody walked in the door to buy their stuff…

  7. Despite Ampd’s difficulties, they and other MVNOs have shown that there is real demand by the youth market for edgier rich media content and social networking/connected experiences on mobile phones in the US.

    The issue is that the MVNOs’ massive cost structures don’t support the business model which is better suited to off-deck mobile internet sites that provide UGC/edgy content to consumers for free, supported by an ad model and a much leaner cost structure.

  8. I heard hellohelio.net was offering people who got ax’ed by amp’d a free transition to helio and also a free phone.

  9. Buyer beware if you’re thinking about buying from Helio or HelloHelio. They didn’t honor their return policy. I returned my phones within 30 days in order to receive a 100% refund and got nothing but the run around from each rep. I spoke to. They told me that I wasn’t due a refund because my credit card was never charged. My card was charged and I have the credit card statement as proof and since when does Helio give out free Oceans. It’s been two months and still no refund.

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