7 thoughts on “An Ode to Nokia 6620”

  1. Any Verizon (cheap smartphone) recomendations? Love Nokia’s but may be moving to VZ in January depending on what I get on plan pricing (VZ deal thru work). If I stay with cingular this looks like an good professional option (though the kid in me is intruiged by the NGage QD).

  2. If you think the 6620 is sweet, just wait until the Nokia 6630 comes over to our side of the pond. Much faster phone overall. Class 10 EDGE (which means you might be able to get 150kbps speeds).

  3. Good recommendation. I’ve been using the 6620 since the Olympics, when it was the only phone enabled by ATTWS for Olympic video clips. I ended up keeping it — at a slightly higher price than today’s — and I’m glad I did. It’s been my only camera on several trips with some nifty results. (Also some pretty dismal results.) The Bluetooth feature is great — I use a BT Jabra headset that makes people think I’m talking to myself and syncing photos is a breeze — although I still haven’t mastered using the phone as a modem. I’m considering a Bluetooth keyboard for posting when a laptop isn’t practical but I have more than a few words to input. I added a 128 memory card so I can start playing with sound files. My only other major accessory wish right now — a charger that can handle two batteries at once. More people ask to play with this phone than any other I’ve had.

  4. Phoneboy –

    No need to rub it in. =)

    I already lust for the 6630, as I’ve neard nothing but glowing recommendations all around (minus a little discussion about lack of memory).

    Fortunately, those of use based in North America are accustomed to the pain of watching cool phones come out for everyone else in the world first, to show up on our distant shores months later.


  5. Yeah, 6630 is not going to be released on this side of the pond any time soon. Guess with six UMTS markets, it doesn’t make sense for Nokia to make a push for a 3G handset which is clearly high end

  6. I love this phone.

    what I like best:
    reception (ATTWS in Dallas, TX; also worked well in west Texas/New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Houston)
    outlook sync works well and has multiple options (usb, IRDA, bluetooth)
    contacts (stores much more than just name and number)
    memory card
    mp3 player
    loud ringer
    battery life and talk time
    feels solid, has survived multiple drops on pavement

    what I don’t like:
    speaker phone not quite loud enough for highway driving, though the caller hears me fine
    proprietary headset/stereo headphone plug

    what I wish it had:
    speaker-independent voice dialing
    larger number buttons (I find this a problem with every phone)

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