4 thoughts on “Anchor-My-Space”

  1. What makes you think this is a MySpace deal? Looks like one of their employees went and made a profile on the site. (Clever, that)

    Then again:

    Who I’d like to meet:
    People in San Francisco and Palo Alto who would like FREE wireless (wi-fi) internet access, and who would like to spread the word about this great advancement in technology to their friends. Also, people throught the country who would like to learn more about free wireless in their area.

    It’s definitely not as cool as the “Girls of MySpace” — http://www.playboy.com/sex/features/girlsofmyspace/


  2. david, totally not as cool as “girls of my space” but have to say, the information came via anchor wireless as official. so that’s why. i asked them about your concerns, and i have not heard from them so far. once i do, i will basically ping you and update you right away,

  3. Om,

    Sorry — I definitely believe it’s official on AnchorFree’s side, I just don’t think MySpace knows/cares. And again, it’s definitely clever on the AnchorFree side and I’m sure MySpace is exploring these kinds of avenues, just like Facebook is. (Let’s not forget they have like 150 employees doing something)


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