10 thoughts on “And Another Phone Company Buys Cisco CRS-1”

  1. It’s without a doubt a great victory for Cisco. Traditionally Cisco doesn’t have much success in the Network Backbone’s arena, comparing to Nortel and/or Alcatel-Lucent.

  2. This news is encouraging for Cisco. Traditionally Cisco hasn’t had much success in the Backbone Network arena when you compare with Nortel or/and Alcatel/Lucent. But for the past couple of years It has been lucrative again, as service providers plan on deploying more services for end users.

  3. Just a quick note re Cisco momentum in the core/backbone — publicly announced CRS-1 customers to date (since intro in 2004) include AT&T, BT, Cable & Wireless, Comcast, China Telecom (ChinaNet), China Education and Research Network (CERNET), Deutsche Telecom, Korea Telecom, FREE, MTS Allstream, MTN, the National Institute of Informatics’ SuperSINET research network in Japan, Neuf Cegetel, National LambdaRail, NTELOS, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center(PSC), SaskTel, Savvis, Softbank, Yahoo! BB, Savvis, Sprint, Swisscom, Shanghai Telecom, Strato Medien, Teliasonera, Terremark, Telstra, VTR and XO.

  4. Understand the impact of exclusive technologies!

    The long haul 40 Gig capability of the CRS-1 is documented at 1000 kilometers before regeneration. Last I looked no major competitor doing that. Rumor has it this distance may be set to double real soon…all this and port density too…I think I need to buy more Cisco (and stock in the local power companies cause these units need a lot of juice to run).

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