4 thoughts on “Andrew Sullivan on the art of blogging [Video]”

  1. I liked that video. Thank you. I don’t blog nearly as much as he suggests. I think a lot of my “content” is condensed and streamed on Twitter all day. Maybe I should be developing some more longer-form blog pieces as well. Also, Andrew is a blogger foremost; my blogging is incidental to my work. Sometimes, though, I wish I could make a living just blogging and communicating.

  2. Is posting more than once or even once in a day possible for a single author or two author blog like ours? Will the articles have quality everyday rather than posting maximum 2 times in a week? I can agree to multiple author blogs but for a single author, it is next to impossible or the quality will suffer. Do other bloggers post once a day or 2 times a day with your regular work schedule?

  3. Andrew Sullivan is a smart guy and a very talented blogger. I have been following some of his postings for quite the time now.

    I have recently been laid off of my SEO job and have had the time to be home blogging on my site about Technology News. Since I’m home all the time, I have been getting numerous blog posts submitted a day and I have seen a HUGE spike in activity and hits per page.

    Everything that Andrew Sullivan has suggested worked amazingly well. My next step for my blogging career is to make a living with blogging.

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