8 thoughts on “Another Comcast Outage?”

  1. Fine here in San Jose… but then, I’ve been running off of a public DNS since the first “30 minute” (read: 6+ hour) DNS issue a few weeks back.

  2. Comcast has been down in my area (Twin Peaks, San Francisco) for almost 2 days now. Last time I called they were also unable to actually check the status of the outage because their database was down. I wonder if anything is actually up? Weak. Super super weak.

  3. Sick & tired of COMCAST lousy service in Sunnyvale area.
    Comcast has no answers to the on going problem of
    frequent service interruptions & slow connection.
    Calling Comcast,live chat with the tech are all one’s waste of time.
    Comcast has the attitude of take it or leave it but they will not do anything to resolve the issue.
    Customers are fed up with their crap.
    service technicians & tech support is bunch of hog wash.
    It just time to kick comcast in the groin and move on.
    It is not worth of any one’s time to put up with their crappy service

  4. Comcast service in the Mountain View area has been down a lot the past month or so. I live in my apartment only part of the time, so the outage is probably worse than I realize. The customer service folks will make reboot, restart your modem, uninstall this, disable that, delete cookies, history, when the problem is really outside of my apartment. I am sick & tired of it. They will tell you that you will credit your account but it doesn’t happen unless you waste hours on the phone screaming. But credit is not what I need, I work from home & have been terribly unproductive because of Comcast’s unreliable service. Nobody seems to know what is going on or when service will come back. I am going to drop Comcast.

  5. Comcast has become the lousiest company when it comes to customer service. For the last two months I just got incompetent technicians and rude customer service reps.
    The problem is not fixed yet. Their technician did not show up this morning after ruining yet another day of my life.

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