14 thoughts on “Another fight … Microsoft vs. Adobe”

  1. Microsoft makes its own proprietary version of the Flash player? Isn’t the Flash player installed on like 99% of all the computers in the world?

    Smooth move Redmond, smooth. Can I expect to be force feed this new player with the next Service pack for Vista…

    [Vista user prompt]”Silverlight is not your default media player. Would you like to completely uninstall Adobe Flash and replace it with Silverlight? Clicking now will cause this prompt to appear everytime the Adobe Flash player executes….”

  2. Microsoft are a bunch of control freaks. As if Flash is not meeting the needs of everyone.

    Google, please get rid of these guys!

  3. “this is a flashback…from the ’90s,…ending up causing more confusion.”
    Actually different market segments seem to identify what format they wants for what application. By just creating a few value add ons, Microsoft and Adobe can’t create a huge dent in each other’s territory. In this case, definitely not Microsoft…it just seems to have a complicated offering. Adobe, well yes…Adobe needed to iron out a few creases of security, quality and real time streaming to become the darling of the emerging online media industry…but it still has some way to go before it can be mounted on the pedestal as the ultimate video solution.

  4. There is no doubt that Silverlight is gaining momentum. Of course Flash has many hearts and minds in its camp and it is very easy to bash Microsoft for trying anything new, but this is a worthy release.

    To showcase Silverlight, Microsoft Australia are running an interesting campaign to demo MS Office 2007 and raise money for charity at the same time. Users watch a 30-second clip of Aussie kids explaining Office 2007, and Microsoft donates one Aussie dollar to a local charity, The Smith Family.

    It’s a well-polished Silverlight site for a good cause.

    http://www.microsoft.com.au/donatenow is the link

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