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  1. I’m trying to start a ground-swell of people who hate Comcast. My reason for hating them is their preemption of CNN headline news for Comcast Local Edition – a worthless piece of junk that makes me change the channel twice an hour. Anyone interested in joining my cause?

    1. Oh i agree. It’s ridiculous. The quality is terrible during these utterly bizarre, nonsensical segments. .

      1. Yeah. It is really horrible how people inform others who live in the same community of things that are going on to bring people together and to help others. I suppose you all would rather live at your computers and bellyache about how bad things are, but do nothing about them but complain.

        Comcast Local Edition gives you an opportunity to know what is going on around you, you people are all stuck on stupid.

      2. Alison – that’s what public access channel is for. When I watch HLN, I’m watching for national news, not local interviews which are repeated over and over.

      3. I hate Comcast Local Editions interruptions. I always change the channel and feel mad that I was not able to watch a show to it’s completion. Comcast has it’s own local channel. Don’t force this on us!

    2. I am interested in your cause, what can we do to change this? Like you, I have to change the channel twice an hour, or at least mute comcast local. Is there anyone we can contact to complain. I pay for cable service and feel that I have the right to tune in to headline news and watch it in its entirety, and watch Clark Howard for 30 minutes, NOT 25 minutes. It feels so good to find that I am not alone.


    4. This is an old post I’m responding to, but Comcast has to stop Local Edition. I can’t take that woman Jill Horner and her idiotic “interviews”. Why only her, by the way? Twice an hour we have to watch this worthless nonsense and Comcast has a captive audience. I hate it and I resent having o pay for this garbadge. Worthless. I’ve had to stop watching CNN because of this, Any ideas on how consumers can make their feelings known about this? At least have more people to interview. Horner is terrible. Listening to her is like watching paint dry. She is a big part of the problem people have. She is not interesting nor informative. An awful so called journalist. Bring back the other women they had doing the interviews oor for God’s sake bring in a new person. Ready to change companies bc of this stuff they force on paying customers.

      1. Hey, I generally dislike the local edition too, but lay off Jill Horner! She’s an intelliger cutie. what would you rather see — dumb stuff like Jane-Velez Mitchell, News to Me, Clark Howard? — none of which are really Headline News — or the foxy rehdhead Jill Horner?

      2. I AGREE- HOW IN GOD’s name do we get rid of Comcast Local edition ???? Can Jill Horner get some new clothes ??? She wears the same ugly brown sweater in every telecast. Why Do we NOT have a say whether or not that USELESS programming can be eliminated?? JILL HORNER IS HOT, BUT INVEST IN A NEW WARDROBE HONEY !!! And look for a hairstyle change now and then, you’re too cute for that drab look you give me every 1/2 hour.


    5. yes it is terrible! just filed a complaint to comcast. Also wrote to CNN letting them know this was happening. Please do the same!

    6. I totally agree. I contact Comcast and they don’t even know what Local Edition is. It is beyond awful!!! I change the channel too. If Steve gets paid for this he should be fired. He has the same guests for weeks. Steve is OK, but local edition is the worst of the worst.

  2. I hate those stupid interviews too, they need to get the picture, that their progrma, is nothing but crap and that nobody watches it. I turn away, when they insert that crap, because it is worse than public access produced shows. Down with comcast newsmakers

  3. I also hate Comcast Local Edition. It is completely worthless. If I want local news, I’ll watch local channels or public access. I watch Headline News for national and international news. It is especially annoying when there is a promo for something cool on Headline News and I miss it because of Comcast Local Edition.

  4. I wish I had the chance to hate their internet service. Comcast is the only cable franchise in my county, but they refuse to wire 40% of the population – just straight out say “No, we won’t wire you.” I’m stuck with dial-up Internet and satellite TV. Now who gets to hate Comcast more? 🙂

  5. Glad we are not the only ones, I mean ther eis no excuse, for this stuff this is like taking oh lets say a network like espn, your in the middle of watching a game, and then all of a sudden it gets interrupted this is what essentially comcast is doing. And you know what makes it even easier for them to insert their useless junk is that two minute break they always take at :22 and :52 past the hour, if headline news extended there coverage eliminating the break, then it would be much more difficult to insert the crap. Headline news doesnot even rpmote on air the local news crap, and whoever thought up the idea, obviously does not know much about keeping viewers. I say we all band together, get your friends,neighbors, etc. and barade comcast, with emails, threatening to switch, or discontinue service with them, they are not helpong the community, we want our feature segments, entertainment reports etc. back. local edition sucks.

    1. I turn the channel as soon as I hear the warbly musical intro of Comcast Newsmakers Local Addition with Donna Richardson. Nothing against the Ms. Richardson, but seeing her down to earth, close set, makeup less eyes, against the dreadful backdrop of concentric circles makes me angry. The sad thing about it is that while I would like to know what’s going on in the community. How did she get the job? Again, a nice person but the message is so dull and lackluster and so are all the guests. I know this because I have tried to endure the show a few times or was too sick or exhausted to turn the channel. I even feel bad for turning the channel because the issues are important but there has got to a better way to communicate. The frequency, poor production quality and the sight of the tired looking host is infuriating. Please, how do we make it go away? Why does it continue? Does anyone ever watch it? Who composed the music? OMG It’s on again right now!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!! Also the fact that it preempts other shows of interests so that you are almost forced to watch it is another reason I hate it and maybe even Comcast as a whole. I guess it’s taken me this long to finally expressed my dislike for the programing. I see others have been complaining for years.

  6. HA! At least you all get the chance to view other news channels. The hell with chaning the channel twice a hour. I hate Comcast because it shows it political agenda, I got comcast limited cable and you dont even get CNN or MSNBC, you get FOX NEWS as the only cable news channel. So think about how its is to be stuck wiht political biest propaganda news, where they talk about TERROR 24/7 8-}

  7. Sorry to hear about that but, hey basic cable today is basically nothing but locals, and a few networks, heck even c-span is in expanded basic here, if you really want to get the news channels, then why dont you just upgrade, the reason why you dont see a cnn or a msnbc in a the most basic tier out there is because of MONEY.

  8. It’s so pleasing to see that there are others out there who find Comcasts’ worthless interruptions just as annoying and frustrating as I do! I am so tired of watching Headline News and being interrupted by Comcast and their bullshit newsmakers program! Why doesn’t Comcast get their own damn channel? Or even better, cut into Fox News…those people need to be shut up every once in a while too!

  9. Welcome Shea, I agree totally with you, but comcast does not seem to understand, that a national and I repeat national news channel, is for yes come on you got it…. national news, local news belongs on the local stations. Think what I have to deal, with not only do I have comcast newsmakers in my area, but seeking solutiions with suzanne, an old lady who talks, about wortless crap.

    Shea, Comcast cannot break into fox news channel, because they are not allowed to, or for the matter any channels except cnn headline news to do so. Your best bet, would be to flood cnn headline news, with emails, letters etc. telling them that they are losing business, by local edition.

  10. I hate comcast with a vengance because they are lazy. I don’t care about the TV but because of their internet services, or lack there of.

    The place I live in, Hudson, has a few different areas to it. The city of hudson, the town of hudson, and the village of north hudson. North hudson and the city of hudson can get broadband cable services I live in the Town but I’m litterally surrounded by the city.

    Comcast will not go 100 feet to go to the group of houses around us. So I’m stuck with 56k for about another 2 years until another company is coming here. I hate comcast.

  11. I HATE COMCAST! But I can’t get DSL, Sprint won’t come the last mile to my house. I think Comcast is paying them to stay out. We have a local 24 hour news station (NWCN), I don’t need Comcast local edition.

  12. I have contacted them numerous times about this and they just don’t care what our opionions are. Please give us a choice of cable providers so we can be rid of these idiots.

  13. We hate the stupid company called COMCAST. Unfortunately there is a stupid monopoly in Arlington County (VA) and only COMCAST provides high speed and cable TV.


    Lincoln Towers – Arlington VA.

  14. I too can’t stand “Comcast ‘Loco Edition'” As others have stated–if I want local news, I’ll tune into a local newsbroadcast.

    The interviews aren’t particularly compelling–nor are the interviewers themselves.

    Is Loco Edition a repository for frustrated/wannabe broadcasters?

  15. I’m very frustrated with the Comcast Newsmakers. I’m not paying $80 a month to view their local, what should be public access, show on CNN Headline News. I pay to watch CNN Headline News. I’ve called them six times in the last month, and they seem uninterested in my opinion, and very often don’t even know what I’m talking about.

    Has anyone had any success in getting Comcast Newsmakers off of CNN Headline News? If so, please let us know.

  16. We need to start a class action suit. We pay for the programing from the newtwork, not the local cable companies little “news” (really a commercial) program.

  17. I’ve been working with ComCast for over a year now. I work in a call center. When your pissed off, and nothing’s working, i’m the guy who gets the brunt of it. The service you recieve from any given agent is like a doctor. They may word things differently, may have interpreted policy differently (we ARE human) and may have more working experience than others, but we do the best we can. Unfortunalty we don’t have individual extentsions (or else i’d give you mine).
    Try to kind of see things from our side. Of the 50+ calls you take in any given shift, 40 of which are incredibly pissed off, and occasionally ignorant, are itching to rip your head off. So unfortunately, if you call toward the end of any given shift, we may not be in the best of moods, but we do our job. Which is exactly what it is.
    And last of all, its a free call. Which is why its sometimes a long wait to get through. In front of you is a grandmother who bought her first pc, wants to know how to work her email, but can’t exactly see the monitor, and panics over everything. We are patient. We try to be thorough. And if its not a Comcast product, we can’t help you. Internet problems? Unplug mdm for 20 seconds, restore power. You should be good to go. I’ll post basic Trouble Shooting Tactics later. Hope yaw’ll enjoy it, and spread the free advice. Or wait on the phone 🙂

  18. I have used the Comcast website to complain about Newsmakers. They replied that they purchase the airtime from CNN but gave no rationale why they pre-empt this program as opposed to some other. My reply was to go to Direct TV and I get Sunday Ticket to boot.


  20. omg.i hate comcast local edition too!every time its two wannabe “reporters” talking about completely useless shit.like i give a damn about a pig farm in santa clara.ALL I WANT IS CNN!

  21. I was watchng Glen Beck “WAS” is the action word.Comcast decides to put on Seeking Solutions with Suzanne, which todays topic is How to prepare for house guest, what a bunch of bullshit, it’s either some some stupid topic on “comcast newsmakers” or this 150 yr old women talking about something that only she is interested in. I wish i had another choice BUT I don’t. This is the worst cable compant I have ever had, I am soooo close to going to Direct TV.

  22. Oh my God. What a waste of time. Please stop your stupid Local Edition. It is a terrible idea and nobody is watching. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  23. What kills me is these douche bags take over adelphia and now we get even worse service. I went to go watch the soccer games and find out they took away Univision, I’m not Latino but that’s the only channel that broadcasts Copa America and the US was playing. Instead we now get the gay channel, which I don’t have a problem with. But one has to wonder why they put that channel in and took away Univision, especially in the Pittsburgh area which is the least diverse city in the US.. granted there are probably only 14 Latinos here, but there the total gay population here is likely less then 9.

    They must be saving money on this somehow since its not market driven………. I won’t even go into the poor internet service and lack of HD channels.

    They SUCK

  24. I hate Comcast – if only we had another cable company to AT LEAST CHOOSE FROM. I swap out my box today for an HDTV box – they gave me the wrong box that won’t take HDMI cables, so I had to drive back up there & get another box. This box is so new that there are no instruction manuals anywhere on their website as to how to program, hook up, etc. (I’m new at this – shouldn’t the tv people know about these things?) I call Comcast to ask how to hook up the new box- which cables do I need, not need, etc. The cable employee could not tell me how to hook up the cable. How sad is that? I would like to know how to get the “clock” back up on the monitor as well, but no amount of buttons I push makes that happen. I’d call customer service, but that’s always a waste of time b/c they’re as ignorant as I am about these things. And I pay these people way too much money to deal with their incompetence. I also agree with previous posts- that local edition crap at 25 & 55 past the hour HAS to go.

  25. I have seen the same Comcast Newsmakers interview by Cathy Motley-Fitch, with a young lady promoting a “diva” program, At least twenty(20) times.

    One time I saw the same interview twice in the thirty minute CNN headlines program.

    I hate the “MOTHERS” more than you know.

    Thanking you in advance.
    Have a blessed day.

    George Campbell Maclin lll

    PS: moter later

  26. I used to hate Comcast now I despise them. They raised prices left and right over the years for their overpriced and low quality service.

    In my area they took the NFL network from the basic package and set it up as a premium channel. That was the last straw.

    I canceled my service on July 23. They have now billed me for August, September and October saying that, although they see the disconnection request, it has not been disconnected from the pole. I don’t know what to do. I don’t us their service but they keep billing me. They even sent a collection agency after me for money I do not owe.

    I will watch nothing before I use them again.

    I now use DirectTv and I am very happy.

  27. Wow. You folks really are mad.

    Hmm, where we live, their service is fine. I get great internet service, my cable is never static laiden or fuzzy, and short of a power outage, it always works. I even use them as my phone provider. And for those of you who do know, HD (for now) is not true HD yet, but it’s getting there. The problem with the HD issue is that the cost to film, edit, store, and broadcast HD is like $10:1. Be patient, it will come down in price, then we can all enjoy our new color TV’s.

    As for Local Edition, it may be a bit out of place (and sometimes waaay off-topic as it relates to international news), but the benefit of the show and it’s placement is to put valuable information into the hands of people who are passionate about making a difference. I plan to run a segment soon, and I hope that it impacts the viewers, like you all here, and you take action on this global problem that faces us all.


  28. We have plenty of “hate” in this world, let’s downgrade our hate to “dislike”. I agree with those of you who have let your dollars do the talking! Nothing communicates more effectively to a corporation like a loss in revenues.

    Be wise.

  29. I’ve watched Headline News for my daily dose of information for years, but not anymore. Six months ago I moved to an apartment where my cable is included in my rent; great deal, huh? Nope, I STILL WANT TO CANCEL MY COMCAST and get DirectTV because of Local Edition. I do agree that the program should be available to the three people who actually watch it, but put it on the local information channel NOT over top of regular programming.

  30. i agree with most of you but what you need to know is comcast isn’t the worst as a matter afact when i had directtv i was very frustrated.Then when i lived in ST.Thomas U.S.V.I i had a thing called choice cable the name is very decieving because you dont have one i beg any one who goes down there do not use choice it is the WORST.

    As.for local edition i despise it im in seattle so we have this guy tony ventrela he’s not bad but he’s not good.Oh and chris and joseph i saw a video of seeking solutions with suzanne (she was talking about grandma sex)i feel so bad for you guys but im pretty much in the same boat as freddy stone although the thing that pisses me of about local edition is that they cut into the best stories.CNN headline news is wher i get all my news so i dont like that they cut into it.Any way thats what had to say.Oh god it’s coming on right now. They’re talking about male breast cancer
    (like that’s a problem).Hope you guy’s consider what i wrote.

      are you a flippie freddy stone
            you seem like one.
  31. also, nfl network is not on a premium channel. it is on a package that is $5.99 per mo. it WAS on the package that is 15.99 per mo. which is less? and besides that, it was fox and the nfl network and the fcc who decided to move it. figure out what you are talking about before you start getting all high and mighty.

  32. I would share my ongoing saga of Comcast incompetence, but it would simply be to repeat the many other stories already posted. The most startling, or perhaps brilliant (if you are Comcast and you have just signed a monopolistic contract with a city – like Houston) aspect of their “customer service” is that it is set up so that there is absolutely no accountability. You can never speak to the same person twice, and as a result, the clock punchers at the call centers just do what they can to placate you and move on to the next irate customer

    Rather than continue to vent, or change to ATT, there needs to be some organized opposition. Class action lawsuits usually get a company’s attention, and Comcast is certainly primed for one or more, but I think people are pining for some more immediate attention. If you are like me, you simply want your internet and/or cable to work. I would gladly pay my bill each month in exchange for an internet connection that actually functions. So, how do we get there?

    My thinking is to fight them at their own game – advertising.

    In that regard, I am curious as to whether there is enough support among us to gather a fund to purchase newspaper advertising, get the attention of Comcast, and force them to put up or shut up.

    If I set up a website to accept donations for advertising to get Comcast’s attention, would there be contributors?

    I am not asking for anything now, just trying to measure the interest out there.

    Let me know by emailing wakeupcallcmcsa@gmail.com

    Also, if you know of any other organizations, groups, persons or others who are engaged in the same effort, or if you have any ideas, email them to this address as well. My intent is to start a website and compile all this information and make something happen.

    Let’s stop complaining and DO SOMETHING constructive!!!

  33. I made an appoitment at the local office in Aspen, Colorado. Was told the service installer would be able to do the install the next day from 1:00pm to 5:oopm. He never showed. I called the 800 number and was told the person who took my order gave me the wrong date. So I just took a half day off work for nothing and you want me to do it again.. FORGET IT! The saying that a happy customer tells one other person and an unhappy one tells ten, I will be telling everyone that will listen about the poor service I got from Comcast.

  34. I’m sitting here waiting for the Comcast tech to show up. Three months ago I paid the outrageous hook-up fees (over $100) for digital cable and internet service. I decided to downgrade on the TV and found out Comcast had only two options – a $13 basic plan or the $50 digital cable plan. So, I went with the $13. The customer service rep then informed me that since Comcast has to “roll out a truck” to downgrade my service that I will be charged an extra $15. I asked if this could be waived considering I just paid a huge installation fee three months ago. She said no. So, I made the appointment for the tech on Sat (today). He’s supposed to be here between 8-11am. It’s 10:11am now. I’ve decided that if the guy shows up later than 11am I’m going to have him yank everything. This company wastes my time and money and their customer service reps do not help, they deflect.
    I have no sympathy for any customer service person or tech that works at Comcast. I have been a customer service rep for other companies. Any person that chooses to work for Comcast should expect rude treatment because the service provided is terrible.

  35. Unfortunately, my husband has just signed a two-year contract with Comcast. I am insanely pissed off, not being able to see the end of my favorite show, Glenn Beck. This crap haas GOT to stop. I am calling to ask what the penalty is for cancelling our contract. Then I am writing a big fat nasty-gram to CNN. My next step? A Lawsuit. I feel that I have been cheated as a customer. I do not want to see some fat lipped tard talking to some fat assed woman about shit I care nothing about. Sounds like EVERYONE I know changes the damn channel every time this crap comes on. I care about REAL news events- Newpapers deliver the information I need to know about our community. I buy cable to dive OUTSIDE of our little midwest realm- and see what is going on in our fragile nation!! I can not imagine this shit breaking in during a big story- like the WTC attack. I would be friggin LIVID! I will be all too happy to bgin a new contract with Verizon, or DishNetwork- they seem to be VERY eager to please me and get my business- unlike Comcast- who bends you over time and time again- and doesn’t use lube.

  36. I actually like Comcast service… BUT so many times I was watching a show on CNN and here comes Newsmakers right at the conclusion of the show… all the time watching the other show is lost since you don’t get to see the conclusion. I complained to Comcast and was blown off.

    Certainly they have community channels that this interuption would fit without interupting something someone was watching. Whoever made the decision to interupt national programming is really an idiot.

    They need to know it’s me or Newsmakers… we have several other choices here.

  37. Forgot to mention. Brianna good luck with your lawsuit. I never thought about it, but they promise CNN and then interupt it regularly. Very good thinking. Perhaps it could be a class action suit.

  38. I am annoyed with Comcast because of the Comcast Newsmakers program – Who needs it? There are plenty of public, local, government access channels, and local news channels. I am irritated that one of my favorite programs, one that I pay for, is interrupted daily.

    I would like to know – Is it legal for them to regularly interrupt a program that I pay for?
    Does CNN Headline News/Glenn Beck know that Comcast is doing this?
    Why would they choose to interrupt CNN Headline News over some other network?
    Why does Comcast feel compelled to make this program?
    Why are they forcing us to watch ‘Newsmakers’ by preempting a “real” program?
    Do they have some sort of political or social agenda?
    Or are they complying with some regulation or behind-the-scenes pressure?

  39. WE hate Comcast Local edition. I agree, we pay for an interupted version of CNN. WE really, really, really think Local Edition sucks!!!!

  40. Since 2004?!Wow, I didn’t realize that I put up with this local edition crap for that long. Twice an hour EVERY hour? This is ridiculous! Put it on a local channel, or the least they could do is show it once @6,9,12 and 3 on weekends only. I mean it’s the same stupid show all week long over and over. I watch CNN HL news for, guess what? Thats right, HEADLINE NEWS! I don’t watch it so see local yokal Joe Bob and how his business or organization impacts the community. It’s getting to a point of total hatred for me. I live in Sacramento and I want to choke Steve(Snot)Swatt! I’m sick of seeing his ass twice an hour!

  41. OMG, Im so glad to know that Im not the only one that gets bend out of shape when local edition breaks into my CNN.
    Ok,I could maybe deal with interupting CNN ever three hours on the hour,
    but not every hour if we must. Many times I’ve waited for a segment of the news to air only to have it interupted like everyone else.
    Why is it that say a program like “showbiz tonight” is able to run a complete program of trash without interuption but the real important news gets interupted. Turn on “Showbiz tonight”. I guarantee its about
    Britney, Angelina,Lidsey, and Paris.Same story, every night. Do we really need this or want this?.. Comcast, interupt that crap if you must.
    Really!. Its a no brainer. Break into Nancy Grace as well. She also drives me insane . Why do we nedd a show that sensationalizes peoples tragedys?

    ok, Im FUMING NOW!!!. How about the Home shopping network?. Or as i call it, the “Hand Channel”. Im pissed that I pay for this crap.
    News is important. Its a drag that CNN shares the air with Showbiz Tonight. That crap belongs on E.

    Hey CNN, are you really serious about the news?.
    Sounds like your doing an MTV.

    1. “Its a no brainer. Break into Nancy Grace as well. She also drives me insane . Why do we nedd a show that sensationalizes peoples tragedys?” Huh? She is fighting the good fight you thug-hugger. She fights for victims. Try watching a show before embarrassing yourself you ignorant guttersnipe.

  42. I live in the Portland Oregon area. We were just “treated” to Comcast NewsMakers within the last two weeks or so. Totally ruins the last 6 minutes of any show you are watching. Cuts in to Ken Ackerman inverviewing local politicians no one has ever heard of. A lawsuit is really the only thing that will get there attention. Comcast was recently hit with a huge fine for moving MSNBC from channel 47 (basic cable) to channel 128 (extended cable), without giving their customers the required notice. Money talks!

  43. I have been VERY frustrated with Comcast Newsmakers breaking in on CNN Headline News. What is worst, is that they already HAVE a Comcast channel here in Delaware!
    CNN headline news will tease a story or cool video that is upcoming, and of course they save it until the end of hour!!!! GRRRR right when my broadcast is interrupted by Newsmakers!!!
    I’m thinking of just changing to satelite.

    Why don’t they just show this on the Comcast channel????

  44. Comcast Newsinteruptors

    This just gets worse and worse. Has me to the point of going postal. The little Chiquita doesn’t even comb her hair any more. No talent, my grandmother would be better.

    Keep this going and I hope everyone sends a link to their local Comcast management. Not that it would matter because one of the ditzes thought this insanely stupid thing up to begin with. Perhaps it’s a carrot “let me make you a star” carrot… explains the hair.

  45. Don’t worry, it gets worse. Comcast is geared to collecting personal information about their clients such that they can force more and more ads upon you. They monitor your usage of both your TV watching and your web usage. When I was paying for their service they also installed spyware on your computer to search your hard drives and report back to their servers. I had to reinstall my system to get rid of it. Never install any software they give you. There is no reason that you need to install anything on your computer. You can set up a connection to their service without installing anything (even if they tell you that you must install it, IT’S A LIE—they just want to dump a bunch of spyware on your computer).

    Eventually, as you start to use bandwidth Comcast will threaten you. It won’t be their tech support or customer service that threatens you (they will be clueless as usual). Rather, Comcast has this branch of “Secrete police” that monitor your usage and if you use” too much” bandwidth they will start threatening you and will cancel your service. However, since Comcast sells their service by claiming to be an unlimited usage service (which is exactly what the person told me when signed up) it gets you interested in arguing the point with them. Don’t do it!!! Just cancel their service and save yourself the headache (they will boot you anyways so save yourself the frustration). Here, I can tell you how that conversation would go. “You are using too much bandwidth, but since we have no limit on bandwidth usage we can’t tell you how much is too much, but you are still using too much, and we can’t even tell you how much you are using since that would imply that we have a some limit on usage which we do not, so you either use less or we will cancel your service, but we can’t tell you how much less to use because we don’t have any such limit on usage, but you are still using too much…and 1+1=5 and snails can fly and the moon is made of cheese and the Earth is flat and is at the center of the Universe…etc”. There, now you know what you are in for. Save yourself the frustration and cancel their service if you ever get this group of idiot “Secrete Police” on your case.

    You know it is unbelievably stupid of them to do this. What they are doing is targeting the top 10% (or so) of their power user clients. But that group is the group that most people go to when they want computer advice. And that group is the group that knows how to get the word out how much they hate Comcast. I have gotten over 30 people to dump Comcast directly, and I take every effort to post informed messages about how bad a company they are on the web and elsewhere. And I’m just one of the many power users that they got mad. So, it just doesn’t make any sense for them to be such jerks about this. Even if you completely ignore the sheer idiocy of their reasoning (“We have no usage limit, but don’t go over our usage limit or we will cancel you”).

    As far as the quality of their service is concerned I was quite disappointed. Because they are so geared to pushing advertisements upon their clients they intrude upon you by monitor your usage of their service (for advertisement reasons). Ok, I figured I could live with that, but what irked me was that they put up ads every time I changed channels and that slowed down my channel changing to about 2-3 seconds per channel. It was crazy. It would take me an hour to surf around to find something good to watch and by the time I decided what I wanted to watch, it was over. It was so painful that I disconnected my cable box and just watched the analog signal (and I don’t even know if you can do that anymore). I didn’t get all the channels, but at least it didn’t take me all day to find something to watch. Plus the picture was never clear. It was a bit grainy, but more importantly you would get these blocks popping up frequently and sometimes the picture would freeze though the sound was still coming through.

    Oh, and what started me ranting again was that I sent an email to a friend that still has Comcast (FIOS not available in his area yet) and I got it bounced back saying that it is spam. But when I went to their website (as the bounce told me) to try to get my IP off the block list they asked me for all sorts of personal information that they could not possible need. Now if it was any other company I would suspect that they are just trying to resolve the problem, but since it is Comcast I suspect that they are trying to compile information about the clients of other providers (like FIOS). You get a bounced email and you go to the Comcast site and you give them all your personal information so they can then target you for their advertisements. I have to hand it to them they know how to squeeze every bit of information out of not only their clients, but also the clients of other providers. Still, I took the opportunity to send them a message thanking them for alerting me to a friend of mine that I have not yet gotten to dump Comcast. Of course that particular friend has no other choice as of yet, but it reminds me to check to see if any new choices exist. So, in a sense this bounce of my email is helpful to me. It’s just one more person that I might directly help out by getting them to dump Comcast.

    I could go on about their service and billing problems, but you all seem to know about those. I’m just giving you the additional problems that you might not know about (like the idiot “Secrete Police”). Luckily for me FIOS became available in my area just as the Comcast “Secrete Police” were cutting off my service. I don’t like Verizon much as a company, but so far FIOS has be pretty great. I get a constant download speed of 19.7mbps where I would be lucky to get a fluctuating 5mbps from Comcast, my FIOS upload speeds are better than that (and Comcast’s upload speeds were less then 700kbps—very slow). My TV looks like I bought a new one. The picture is so much better then Comcast and I have no problems with it at all. My phone is about the same, but I had a different phone company that charged me a lot so I saved a lot switching mainly due to the phone (I save over $130 a month switching to the FIOS package). There are probably cheaper and better phone providers, but not by much so I am happy about that. I get unlimited calling throughout the U.S. (so no more long distance carrier like I used to have, thus the savings).

    I have some other horror stories related to the initial installation (drilling holes in my house other then the spot I told them too, I had to drill my own hole after they left and run the wire into my basement where I already had all the cable wires connected up, instead they drilled holes around my house and ran wires up the outside site walls, it was ugly, but more importantly I told them not to do it and they did it anyways) and related to billing when I cancelled their service (they billed me for stuff I never had and didn’t cancel the service when I asked them too and a mess of other things that made me quite angry). Still, I will leave that for another day.

  46. Is there any way to display the most recent messages first? One has to scroll down years of messages to read the most current and relevant ones.

  47. I’m with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so D*&$ sick of Comcast cutting in on the CNN News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been looking all over the place to find somewhere I could complain about it. When it comes on, I flip the cannel to another one. I don’t know where to go to put a complaint in to the “Feedback” area, so Comcast understands that people HATE the infrigement upon peoples rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Yea, Comcast replaces ads and inserts additional ads into the shows you watch (in addition to putting ads on their popups). Ever time I watch one of their commercials (to local companies) it makes me sick. All I hear is them talking about how proud they are about how well they monitor their clients activities (Web browsing, TV Watching, and spyware) so as to be good at categorizing their clients and better at targeting ads. I personally don’t like a company I pay monitoring my activities and creating a profile on me. But like you I really don’t like Comcast cutting into the shows I am watching to insert their additional ads. And I hate the most how it takes me a billion years to surf threw channels to find something to watch because Comcast is populating the screen with ads ever time a turn the channel (not any more though since I dumped comcast a number of months ago).

    I wanted to also mention that the EFF and other groups have found that Comcast is now limiting bandwidth not just on power users (as they did with me), but also of common users how might use software that uses persistent bandwidth (bandwidth that might be only medium usage but more consistent then things like email and web browsing). It seems to me that Comcast only wants you to use email and web browsing and nothing else. I’m not sure if that is by design, but it surely is where they company is going. I guess that is ok for users that are still living in the 20th centry, but for most people that is not too good. In any case, it is another intrusion on people. They don’t tell you that they are reducing the bandwidth that you pay for, they just do it and hope you don’t notice. Doesn’t seem right to me, particularly since they won’t admit to having any bandwidth limitations at all (other then setting up a web server or such).

  49. I’ve been wondering for years, why, everytime I watch CNN Headline News, they constantly advertise up-coming segments, and they never come on! I thought it was CNN that was just falsly advertising segments.

    I absolutely H-A-T-E the “Comcast Newsmakers” segment, with Tony Hill. It is THE most BLAND five minutes you’ll ever see on T.V.- and its every 30 minutes- it never misses a beat. And, what’s worse, is that on the Newsmakers segment, they are usually talking about some “upcoming” event- thats already come and gone weeks ago!

    The sound, the color, the visual quality of the segment, is so sub-standard, it sticks out like a sore thumb. My biggest question is, why has this been going on for almost five years? Its hard to believe that Comcast would be able to sloppily cut into advertised news segments with this absolute nonsense, for so long, EVERY 30 MINUTES.

    I’m glad to know that others are noticing this as well. I guess I’ll have to get off my behind and make a formal complaint or something.

    Good luck to all of us.


  50. As I type this, Comcast Newsmakers is currently on.

    They had just teased a headline video on CNN and it cuts into this shit.

    And they are talking about some youth group miles away from my house in a county no one has heard of. And here’s the rich part: I saw one that was supposedly about a food bank (I didn’t really care anyway), but they start talking ABOUT A FUCKING BLUES FESTIVAL. I am fuming mad. Now I have to miss a headline about a hostage situation because of some local access programming with two weirdasses, one a wannabe reporter, and the other one a lard ass or hobo talking about something stupid.

    If I want local news, I watch LOCAL NEWS CHANNELS. And better yet, the shit airing on there is local, but of course, they aren’t headlines.

    It’s just fucking retarded.

    I’m contacting CNN in the morning before I have to leave town. I’m pissed.

  51. I have written several times to CNN – no response. They must have a deal with Comcast – sad, sad, sad. The comcast wannabe Newscasters (use that term very loosely – it’s so demeaning to REAL NEWSCASTERS! to put them into the same class as though they were newscasters.)

    The second I hear that dreaded musical ‘tone’ at :55 to the hour I swear and grab the remote as quickly as possible to go to the local news channel. How DARE Comcast interrupt a major News Channel with local events! I would be happy to watch the local stuff – in the right place in the channel line up. How dare Comcast force their peons on us – how dare them.

  52. Dear Ms. Snead,

    Thank you for the feedback. I will be sure to share it with the leadership team.

    Kind Regards,
    Melissa M.
    Comcast Customer Connect
    National Customer Operations

  53. Umm.. guys? Just a thought here… I might be way off base, but if rnough of you cancel your cable and switch to satellite it will hurt Comcast more than it hurth you. Comcast will take notice as their revenue stream starts to dry up, after all cable TV is not a necessary service… there are (usually) alternatives… even satellite broadband> Yes it’s a pain, yes it’s inconvenient, but if you really want to drive your point home then hit them where it hurts… in the wallet.

  54. I SCREAM at the TV each time this useless “Comcast Newsmakers” segment comes on. I pay a premium to have CNN. If I want to watch local news, then I’ll watch KATU, KOIN, or KGW. The segments have no appeal what so ever to me, and I wish they would just stop it. VERY ANNOYING.

  55. I’m sick of Comcast Newsmakers and their host Anita Lopez in Colorado. The woman is simply not a good reporter. Her performance is ridiculous. She should be fired and Comcast Newsmakers should be pulled off the tube. There is absolutely nothing worse on television!

  56. The class action lawsuit to get rid of comcast newsmakers sound good to me. So who is going to get the ball rolling. There is no reason for me to bash them because I am beyond that point, If they don’t get rid of it soon I will probably move on to AT&T Dish Network

  57. The class action lawsuit to get rid of comcast newsmakers sound good to me. So who is going to get the ball rolling. There is no reason for me to bash them because I am beyond that point, If they don’t get rid of it soon I will probably move on to AT&T Dish Network

  58. The class action lawsuit to get rid of comcast newsmakers sound good to me. So who is going to get the ball rolling. There is no reason for me to bash them because I am beyond that point, If they don’t get rid of it soon I will probably move on to AT&T Dish Network

  59. I hate Comcast and I’m not even a customer yet. They are the ONLY cable provider in my area. I can’t get Fios, and there’s no place for a dish.

    I called to set up an installation, and they have no appointments available. I told the guy all the dates I was available: weekends and certain weekdays. Nothing. They told me these appointment have been booked “for weeks.” Give me a break. I am trying to purchase your product! You should have enough employees to allow me to do so. Comcast doesn’t schedule appointments more than 3 weeks out, so I have to wait and hope and pray I can get one.

    I suggested what I thought was the perfect solution: I can install my own damn cable. Just give me the box. Mail it, or I will pick it up. I was told they “cannot” do that for new customers because the installer “has to do something” in my building. Um . . . no he doesn’t. But it would be pretty difficult to justify a $32.99 installation fee when I pick up my own box and install it myself.

    Were supposed to be getting Fios is about a year and a half. Maybe I’ll just wait.

  60. this is what is on the web site…

    Q) Doesn’t CNN Headline News broadcast throughout each half hour? What do you cut out to show Comcast Newsmakers?
    A) Comcast Newsmakers airs at :25 and :55 past the hour in the Bay Area – and at various times in Sacramento and Fresno. The CNN Headline News programming that is most often pre-empted is a brief entertainment report.

    ok well yesterday the President was about to speak….and it was interrupted to hear an interview with a man running for office(who WILL NOT WIN) for the 30th time i have seen this interview.

    now granted for some the president can be a form of entertainment but I dont think that falls into a brief entertainment report

  61. Below is from another forum regarding the ‘newsmakers’ breaking into News and Programs! I certainly have seen any change!
    I emailed Linda Kurtz at Comcast asking her if Comcast would remove “Comcast Newsmakers” at 8:54 PM and 9:24 PM since it disrupts the flow of Nancy Grace and Glenn Beck and here’s what she had to say:

    Thank you for the feedback. We are actually in the process of making this change. Please email me again if this change has not been implemented by mid-September.

    Thank you,

    Linda Kurtz
    Comcast Newsmakers

  62. I am joining you all in this attempt to do away with CNM. I resent the 5 minutes of the show I PAY FOR to be interrupted, and replaced with this assinine show. I have complained several times, and they did call me back. They have agreed to give me a promotional cable rate for 4 months. Big Whoop. I still would rather watch the shows I choose in their entirety. I have written to the FCC, and CNN to complain. CNN responds with an automated reply. I f anyone knows how to contact someone there, I would appreciate that. I haven’t heard from FCC yet. Comcast claims that CNN gives them permission to interrupt the shows. I want that verified.
    I resent this crap being rammed down my throat. Count me in on any action.

  63. When I was unable to get the internet service that I paid for (and got for a total of one day), the Comcast technician I got on the phone WIPED OUT MY ENTIRE OPERATING SYSTEM.

    Comcast denies all responsibility, although this happened WHILE I was on the phone with their techincian.

    I am very interested in a class action suit against Comcast – please contact me if you would like to be part of it – for the Arlington/Alexandria area of Virginia.

  64. I copy and pasted all of these comments into an email to the SVP of customer service at comcast maybe the stupid bastard will take a hint!

  65. If Comcast monitors use, can’t they tell how many people change the channel when Newsmakers interupts the program they were actually watching and enjoying?

    I would like to see that statistic. Newsmakers is a pathetic show and extremely irritating interuption. “Concast” get it together.

  66. I have moved to the Northshore recently and was shocked by the constant local feed at the end of cable shows to interview a local individual to promote his/her cause.
    Do you think that the ADVERTISERS who may not have their expensive ads broadcast because a ding bat is interviewing a non paying individual advertising his/her endeavor?
    Perhaps a group of ad execs would have more influence than the consumer….after all, we are always treated like second class citizens by the entire rude and uneducated comcast staff.

  67. I too change the channel twice an hour because of the boring Newsmakers edition. I can not stand the music that plays when it begins to interrupt the show or even commericial. I stop whatever I am doing and switch the channel as fast as I can before Tonia starts to speak looking so unhappy…The background looks so cheap. The interview is the most boring interview I have ever seen, at the times that I just let it play until the show comes back on because if I do switch I usually find something else to watch instead! It is such a waste of 10-15 minutes in each hour. They should have their own station for that type of local stuff if people are so interested.

  68. I finally found the email address of the local Comcast person responsible for Newsmakers. It’s hard to find, since it was written something like “nameatcomcastdotcom” to make it harder. My questions were deflected in much the same way as you’ve seen posted by others on various sites, this time as “we don’t make money from the program and it’s a community service.” Of course, they realize that the program would have zero viewers if they put it on another channel, a channel that they could easily add and run Newsmakers 24-7 if they like. There are at least 2 reasons why they won’t do that. First, the quality is awful so no one would watch it. That’s just stating the obvious. Another other reason is that CNN Headline News has an audience in place that they can hijack. If they had a program worth watching, they could direct you to it with ads played during Headline rather than rely on the old “bait-and-switch.” So, if they don’t make money from it yet insist that it absolutely has to run over CNN Headline News, that leads me to the following theory, which could be incorrect: Comcast, like all cable companies, is granted a monopoly to do business in communities. These agreements come under review by the elected leaders of the community. These same leaders are periodically featured on Newsmakers. Now, featuring the people who are responsible for your ability to continue to do business in a community is not a bad plan (“so, tell me about all the good things you do for those who elected you”) but if you did it on some obscure channel, they’re just not going to care. But, if you could interrupt a channel that already had viewership, and if you could do it unexpectedly (regardless of whether they publish the schedule somewhere, who’s going to look? and if they do, who’s going to remember?) now that would appeal to these leaders. And you could add “spice” (or cover your real motive) by featuring benign people from the community, people who the average viewer could not care less about, so much the better…although interrupting Headline News with those interviews adds incredibly to the frustration of the interruption and further points out the ironic title of the program. “Newsmakers”? Please… The next level really plunges us into the land of conspiracy theories. What if Comcast says to the elected leaders “hey, here’s an idea. Why don’t you require us to do this sort of thing, this “community service,” as a condition of our license? You could require us to trumpet the good things you do, and we’d hide it in among people talking about art exhibits, community events, etc.?” But that would never happen…

  69. I absolutely detest Comcast Local Edition, Comcast Newsmakers. We see them on Channel 27 in Delaware, every 30 minutes, interrupting program I AM interested in. The hosts never change, the guests never change, the interviews date back to almost a year, same subject, same news, same people, does comcast think their auditience is stupid. No one wants to watch subject and people that goes back for a year, the program is taped and is automatically set to run every 15 to 30 minutes. I change the channel as soon as I hear their jingle start. I cannot understand why Comcast continues to run this when we the audience hate it and get nothing out of it.

  70. Wow, I had no idea that so many people felt strongly about this. I called Comcast to complain about Local edition and “Suzanne” interrupting the last five minutes of HLN. I was told that some local advertising *bought* the time on HLN. They gave me a phone number to call – 916-552-2000 – that answers with the message “Your call can not be answered right now. Please call back another time. Goodbye”.

    Well, gee. That was useful!


  71. I HATE COMCAST NEWSMAKERS with a passion! I roll my eyes every time and then i’m comfortable and am forced to hunt down the remote. They talk about nothing important, the reporters are unprofesional, it looks like high school kids put it together with that picture. GIVE IT UP ALREADY COMCAST! NOBODY CARES! I want a full hour of my show especially nancy grace!

  72. is there any way we can get rid of this comcast newsmakers crap?!…i can’t stand it anymore!…the second that damn opening music comes on i flip the channel…what’s the point of this shit???…NO ONE IS INTERESTED in this crap!…if i could switch service to directTV i would…but unfortunately my apartment is not facing the right direction!…i hate COMCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!…if anyone is starting a class action lawsuit about this…please, please, please let me know!

    1. I completely agree with you. Is there ANYONE who enjoys those spots? And Suzanne literally makes me nauseous. Something about her evokes such a reaction I can’t change the channel fast enough.

  73. I can’t believe this website has been up almost 5 years and we still have Comcast Newsmakers on the air in Arlington County! I want to watch Robin Meade in the morning!!

    What can I do besides writing here and/or ripping the cable out of the wall?

    1. I agree with you Jimmy and everyone else here who HATES the local newsmakers. I switch the channel immediatley! So annoying! What can we do?

  74. Grrrrrrr….It is soooo annoying to hear that music and know that the real news you are watching is being interrupted…and these people are the WORST interviewers EVER (at least the ones in my area are). Just so blaaaah. Yes, I hate it too. C’mon Comcast, get rid of it already.

  75. . . . . so here I am, watching Nancy Grace, Prime News, or one of the other shows that are entertaining in the middle of the night (sure beats the infomercials anyway) and suddenly it’s HIJACKED by Comcast Local Edition. Such bullshit! Comcast owns the fucking airwaves – can’t they just create a channel for this stuff, and just dedicate this useless, uninteresting piece of CRAP to a station of its own so the 10 people who might be interested in it (who are probably relatives of the featured guest and the shitty no-talent interviewer) can watch it if that’s what they want to do? GET THIS GARBAGE OFF MY TV! All I do is hold the remote all night so I can turn it off when I just hear the annoying cheap-ass intro music – no one is watching this shit, Comcast – and we’re all switching channels to avoid it – that’s how pathetically BAD this is!

    1. I agree Sue, I feel HIJACKED too!!!!! Local Edition is an Uninteresting, pathetic, useless, absurd piece of garbadge!!!! Here I am watching CNN and suddenly, oh no I’m not, I’m supposed to watch Jill Horner for the millionith time. I resent the intrusion and I resent Comcast for this. No one is watching this shit is right!!!!!

  76. This program will show the same interview with the same people on the same subject over and over again, even when the subject is outdated, absolutely ridiculous and a waste of time, as soon as I hear the “jingle” letting me know it is about to show the program, I switch channels. How many times a day do I have to see and hear the same broadcast.

    Wake up comcast.

  77. Local Edition is horrible!! I change the channel too and now lately just can’t take it. Can’t watch CNN anymore because if I’m not paying attention, there is Jill Horner. She is a horrible interviewer and is about as interesting as watching paint dry. The subjects are ridiculous. We need a roup of consumers to go to Comcast and complain loud and clear. At least, before Horner there were at least two other women who were vaguely interesting. Were they fired? Why only this woman adnauseum. Same irrelevant nonsense hour after hour. This Local Edition is a joint thing with the University of Deleware, so it’s great for them, they could care less about the people on the other end who are forced to endure these idiotic interruptions twice an hour.

  78. I posted my complaints regarding the ridiculous “Local Edition” about a year ago. Like many of you, I voiced my displeasure with various personell at Comcast. I even contacted the FTC, as I also believe this constant interuption every 30 minutes is an invasion of our rights. After all we pay for this service. Well, forget about it!! Nothing ever happened so I switched to FIOS, and took great glee in telling Comcast why I cancelled. They actually had me talk to a manager here in the Portland, Oregon area. Who knows if they really listened or cared, but it is SO nice to be rid of “local edition” and a company who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about their customers. Stop complaining (it does no good), and cut them off! If enough of you make this move, they will finally notice, albeight too late. It’s all about the $$$.

  79. I an glad to know everyone else is as pissed off as i am about this newsmaker nuisance,i recently left direct tv in favor of comcast because i mssed on demand,turns out i dont even use on demand as much as cnn hln,i have another residence with direct tv,it is so nice not to have the news makers for that week or so when i use that service,however it just makes me that much angrier when i have to come back to comcast i think i am going back to direct tv here also i have had it had it had it

  80. I’ve complained to Comcast. They don’t seem to care what any of us have say about this. I’ve pointed out to them that this unless information can be put on the local access stations. Or why don’t they put it on OnDemand?

    It DOES come down to $$$$$$.

    I’m sick of it.

  81. This is outrageous. I also dispise Comcast Local Edition and it’s ridiculous, incompetent interviewer, Donna Richardson. It is bad enough paying huge money (that we all work hard for) for channels we never watch. But to have a channel we pay for AND watch to be interrupted with these horrible interviews is just disgusting and insulting. I can’t stand it and switch the channel the moment I hear that chime introducing the segment. As soon as my contract is up with Comcast, I am cancelling it.

  82. I also get very annoyed when the normal programming is broken up with the local stuff although I have learned a few local interesting things that I didn’t know before and gotten to see all the politicians.

    I do have to disagree with the bloggers that dislike Jill Horner. I think that she is given an impossible task, some very boring and uninteresting looking and dull people and she makes them seem as interesting as they can possibly be. Also love the color of her hair…she is a cutie and does a good job with what she has to work with.

  83. I can’t stand this useless crap. Honestly, we should file a class action lawsuit and collect our payments for being forced to watch this drivel.

  84. COMCAST and HEADLINE NEWS have an AGREEMENT to do this Local edition, I just found out through a long winded chat session with a comcast service personnel. HLN is duping you, for money.

    headline news is your issue, believe it or not!

  85. I hate it when Donna Richardson does the interviews. She is horrible at it. She looks very nervous, makes numerous mistakes while speaking and does not really offer much of a follow-up with the guest speaker other then constantly saying “Excellent”. AAAGGGHHH get rid of her! If you’re going to make me watch the Comcast Local Edition (Arlington, VA) – GET SOMEONE THAT IS COMPETENT!!!!!! She is nauseating!!!

  86. Comcast news maker is the worst of all. Another thing last years Feb 2009 super bowl, comcast started showing local ads. They weren’t showing the super bowl ads. Is that even legal? I thought those companies pay big bucks for those companies. So…I wouldn’t think it would be legal for Comcast to be showing local ads during the super bowl.

  87. Try giving up cable and dish. You will then be able to get several excellent channels without annoying commercials. It worked for me and I save $60 a month.

  88. The comcast local editions are sooooo old, every 15 minutes or what? Local Donna Richardson looks like she just stepped out of a homeless shelter. Can nothing be done about her horrible hair and cheap cheap repeating outfits???? She starts every interview with “Now….” which is getting OLD too. Can’t you rotate interviewers? She makes me change channels. Much more of her and I am switching back to Direct TV. Not only that but some of the community service editions run way past the date of the event. Who wants to sit through a boring community event announcement when the event is long past? Get it together, your local edition looks cheap and tacky.

  89. The comcast local editions are sooooo old, every 15 minutes or what? Local Donna Richardson looks like she just stepped out of a homeless shelter. Can nothing be done about her horrible hair and cheap cheap repeating outfits???? She starts every interview with “Now….” which is getting OLD too. Can’t you rotate interviewers? She makes me change channels. Much more of her and I am switching back to Direct TV. Not only that but some of the community service editions run way past the date of the event. Who wants to sit through a boring community event announcement when the event is long past? Get it together, your local edition looks cheap and tacky. I don’t need a community service announcement that Peter and the Wolf is going to be playing at a localtion in DC area which is nowhere close to me.
    Nothing against Suzanne but the subject matter- geriatric sex, Zumba for Suzanne who can barely stand up on her own, come on.
    I see Direct TV back in my future.

  90. This has long been a pet peeve of mine since it started 10 years ago. It is nothing but self-serving crap. The same garbage over and over. I got rid of comcast for directv. I sold my house and am stuck with comcast again. Alison is wrong because a cable company shouldn’t preempt a large portion of a program.

  91. I’m a current Comcast customer in the Bay Area and like many of you on this site I am fed up with the constent interuption of HLN network for the comcast news nonsense. I have filed several complaints with Comcast with no help in sight. Plaese move this to the public access channel. I am not getting the full value of what I’m paying for and do not want there polictical agenda forced on me.

  92. I agree with all of you. I, too, hate Comcast Newsmakers! How do we stop this interruption in our programs? Who do we complain to? There has to be some way to be heard!

  93. One of my favorite channels is HLN (Headline News). Why does Comcast constantly (every half hour) run and re-run and re-run and re-run Comcast Newsmakers on this channel? Why not put it on a local events channel that no one watches? I HATE Comcast Newsmakers!

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