10 thoughts on “AOL to Suspend Paid Downloads, Replace with Amazon Unbox”

  1. This is terrible news for deaf and hard of hearing consumers who rely on closed captions in order to follow dialogue during movies. Amazon Unbox does NOT support captions or subtitles and is not in compliance with federal regulations requiring them for movies and television programs.

    In this age where most DVDs, television shows and even commercials are captioned, nearly all hotels have television sets with captions and more movie theaters are finally offering screenings with open captions, I find Amazon’s complete disregard for their deaf and hard of hearing consumers reprehensible.

    Amazon was contacted and we blogged about this back in June: http://www.hearingexchange.com/blogs/?s=amazon+unbox

    Paula Rosenthal
    Blog and Resources for People with Hearing Loss Since 2000

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