5 thoughts on “Apostles of the Mac platform”

  1. iPhone? iF##KnPhone? Who cares? I won’t be switching to Cingular because of it, and I doubt anyone else will switch from a carrier with whom he/she is satisfied. A phone is a phone is a phone. Some of the ‘features’ are NOT what phone users really want in a PHONE. I remember watching a 5-inch TV screen with a fresnel lens screen in front of it to magnify the image in the ’40s. Video on i-whatever is no different – it’s too small to view comfortably. If keeping up with a TV program is what is important, SOMEbody needs to get a life! Carrying a phone that also has my iTunes is a nice feature – so I don’t have to carry TWO devices, but I do NOT need to listen to music ALL the time. Driving or crossing a busy street while hearing-impaired is dangerous!

  2. I personally now want to help development for some cool widgets for the iPhone. Focusing on integrating business functions in the office so they follow me on my iPhone. I just came back to the Mac after a long hiatus using XP and Fedora Core 3-5. The Macbook in Black is what brought me back.

    I might have to go on “Fanboy” status soon. All my friend are skype video conferencing and now with the integrated camera they all want one too. It’s real nice to be able to bring your co-workers up on the screen to have actual human interaction in this dis-connected world.

    And to Don: Yes I am getting one and yes I believe as long as Cingular has the lock on the iPhone then people will switch. .02


  3. Now that the shock and awe have subsided somewhat, one thing keeps bugging me that no one seems to have addressed anywhere . . .

    What were The Beatles doing on the iPhone?

    Did Steve “bury the lead”? And where would he have gotten their digital music files from? LimeWire?

    Was the first hint the change from Apple Computer to Apple Inc. in the wake of the UK court decision in Apple vs. Apple?

    Is the Count of Cupertino toying with the media and throwing a hint that The Beatles catalogue IS coming to iTunes? Or has it already arrived?

    Anyway anyone can track this one down? Enquiring minds want to know.

  4. Yes, the Beatles catalogue is coming on iTunes. Its settled between them. And yes, i may not change carriers, but may still get a cingular iPhone, sacrifice the connection and insert my favourite carriers sim card, if need be. If required i will PAY cinguler to get rid of them. If i want an iPhone, I will get myself an iPhone. And i spend more time with my phone than my mac. So my phone better be as good.

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