19 thoughts on “Apple, Internet and the constant new normal”

  1. Thanks Om

    As so many time before you put words to my thoughts.

    Thanks. I’be been reading you for a long time. Still feels fresh to me.

  2. Brings to mind:
    The Dumbest Idea In The World: Maximizing Shareholder Value

    Numbers in general are about repeatability, science tells us that’s a good thing. Or isn’t it? Without random errors evolution wouldn’t work, nor learning is terms of knowledge advances. Most big companies think they can control the future by not making [any] mistakes by eliminating risk, or numbers don’t lie.

  3. The New Normal sounds very interesting. I was surprised that it was from 2004, it’s nice to hear about books that standout years after they are written. No Kindle edition though… is the new normal in tech really going to require a physical book?

  4. I hope you get a proof-reader.

    “What seems incredulous today, is par for the course tomorrow.” should perhaps be “What seems incredible today, is par for the course tomorrow.”

    People are incredulous, events are incredible.

  5. Well, at least a smart phone has some value as well, a phone. As yet, I fail to see the actual intrinsic value of the Facebook newsfeed or Twitter, or well , any of the social media. At least so far. They aren’t bettering my life at all.

  6. Okay, but then what you should do is make your own prediction for the future for Apple, Samsung and the rest of technology. After all, the rest of us are looking backwards. Enlighten us, the common folk.

  7. Thanks for the great article. When you mentioned Gucci and BMW achieving asspirational Escape Velocity, it made me think of Geoffrey Moore’s latest book, Escape Velocity http://www.escapevelocity.com. The terrain is changing more rapidly than ever and it is so important that companies innovate or be left behind. Apple is definitely on the cutting edge. Thanks again!

  8. Roger is right – the new normal is the global convergence promise of the late 1990’s. A great concept has global reach and the mainstream market is prepared to accept it. Pinterest is a great example.

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