9 thoughts on “Apple launches OSX, Macbook Air & Mac Mini Updates”

  1. Yet another video port type on the Mac Mini?

    Will t-bolt pump a standard DVI or VGA monitor with an adaptor? Dual-monitor support on the Minis was the selling point for the business I buy for.

  2. For the record, the 11.6″ Air is distinguished with gaining parity with the larger model in terms of memory and processing power. That is really important to me, and is a solid reason for an upgrade.

    1. Personally, I don’t understand this desire for an internal optical drive I’m seeing all over the various messaging boards today. We have a PC desktop in which I’ve removed the DVD drive so I could add more internal storage. Picked up an external USB DVD writer “just in case” for less than $50 and only use once every couple months.

      Everyone’s needs are different, but for me, I’d rather forgo the internal optical drive for increased hard drive space or in the case of laptops, a larger battery. Then for those rare times I need a DVD drive, break out the external.

  3. One overlooked aspect of the 3 to 4GB operating system download is data caps. Here in New Zealand the average user only has 5GB of data each month. Using all – or almost all of that to download a single piece of data is going to cause problems for some people.

  4. OK, what I want to know about Lion is, how do I do a nuke-and-wipe clean install? The iMac that I’m typing this on originally came with Tiger, has had numerous kexts for everything under the sun installed and kinda-sorta removed (*cough* Parallels *cough*), and lately I’ve been seeking the spinning beach ball more than I used to. I’d like to start out fresh with a sparkly-clean system — without buying a whole new system.

    I also notice that the “Lion Support” page on support.apple.com doesn’t have Lion manuals yet. Oops.

  5. Apple fanboys and girls will be hitting the stores in no time. I’m still happy with my Macbook that I bought last year January, and will look at buying an iPad HD if its released this year.

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