17 thoughts on “Apple May Have Snapped Up iCloud.com”

    1. Of course it does; to let those iCloud users know the knew CloudMe.com address before the transition is finalized.

  1. Makes sense.

    Nothing cuts through the social chatter and noise like brand that emotes. And Apple’s surely does.

    If that is their product direction, the price for the name is a bargain.

  2. Thanks for the article.
    If there is a name for Apple’s cloud service, iCloud is very likely to be it. Currently Apple’s content streaming service is limited to iTunes and Apple TV only, it’s reasonable for Apple to extend to all mobile devices as well.

  3. I think this is another step for their Cloud OS, not just a cloud for music or anything, but more than just storage as we know right now… they are planning a cloud operating system for a while…but we may not be ready for that, yet (at least, I’m not, don’t want to be so dependent on any ISP).

    BTW, the same seller also has iCloudOS.com, coincidence?

  4. It should be noted that companies sometimes buy product and domain names they are afraid somebody else might use, causing confusion. This is especially often the case with product brand names (cars, gadgets etc.), but it is done with domain names as well. For example, the ipod.com, iphone.com, imac.com, macbookpro.com domains are not used in Apple’s marketing, but they are all owned by Apple and redirect to the appropriate product. This is called brand protection, and there are companies who sell such services. Apple is a client of MarkMonitor Brand Protection™ (http://markmonitor.com). The point I’m trying to make is that Apple isn’t necessarily going to use the name.

  5. i really like where apple is going with their i cloud service i cant wait to hear about what they will be doing with it in the future.

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