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  1. The HTC rocks – Re iPhone, i have my doubts about how well the QWERTY keyboard will work in reality, most people seem to forget that it’s the most crucial feature off the phone.

  2. Well, it certainly is shiny. Given the cost, I think that I’ll take the wait and see approach. This could be another device that attempts to do a lot of things, and yet does none of them well.

  3. Om, If you would have kept just the photo of iPhone, that itself also would have said a 1000 words.

    I bow down to Jobs & Apple. Boy, I was seduced in like 2 seconds I saw the photos.

    jobs sab ka baap hai !!

  4. WOW! That was a great Keynote today…I love the iPhone.

    What about Business Applications??? I need Office Suite on iPhone…

    anyway, I would be one of the first buyers of iPhone..

  5. Three anchors that prevent me from buying the phone;

    1. Handcuffed to Cingular (for 2 years no less)
    2. Storage capacity too limited
    3. Price

    Give me the same device, minus the phone, with 20 to 30 gb at $400 – $450 and I’m sold.

    Have a version that works on Verizon’s nework and depending on the price without the 2 year contract I may be sold.

    Apple has limited its market by anchoring it down with too many limitations.

  6. First iPod only had 5GB. Key with iPhone and future media players will be flash type memory, solid state. No drives. This is very important, especially in a phone as it gets picked up and passed around more than mp3 players, sometimes suddenly and are dropped way more often. Also, with the direction of flash memory, it’s not going to be very long before we seel 20-30GB models available, probably within 18 months.

    Also, MOST users really are finding that 4-8GB is plenty for the way they use the devices. We really don’t want to ‘lose’ 30GB worth of music on a device when we can get it re-synced so easily to get just what we really want for the occassion. Some people do want large storage amounts, but they tend to be for specialized purposes, such as a photographer might want, and there are better solutions out there for those specialized needs. Apple isn’t attempting to make a 1 size fits all device. They want to get it into the hands of a broad cross-section of users, so it’s positioned to appeal to that group.

  7. Yes, it’s arguably $100 too expensive. $199 for 4GB nano, and $199-299 for good phone, and minus $50 for the larger-than-nano form factor. But it’s just out the door. It’ll be around the right price by the time Christmas rolls around.

    The potential however is astounding. With wifi and bluetooth and Mac OS X, there’s so much this thing could do in the future. For example, run Keynote or Preview while docked to a projector with a bluetooth remote.

  8. You would be in deep shit if you left your iPhone on the train seat. The finder would have everything in one package.
    Also, just curious about how well these buttonless touch screen devices comply with any disability requirements?

  9. Ummm. Where are all the Apple fans who were screaming “I don’t want an integrated device.” Yea that’s what I thought. Now that they have to toe the line that bullcrap argument isn’t heard anymore

  10. I think it’s the ultimate personal appliance, but it’s way too expensive for me. I was hoping for something around $300 – $400. $500-$600 with a 2 year contract is pretty steep.

  11. “Where are all the Apple fans who were screaming “I don’t want an integrated device.” – elmomo

    No, what we were screaming was “We don’t want an integrated device if it sucks.” You know, like music-playing smartphones that predated the iPhone.

    We’ll overlook your confusion. It’s a common mental state of Apple haters.

  12. Its a happy new ‘ear!

    I run a Mac Book Pro and a pocket pc phone, so I guess I belong to the target audience for the iPhone 😉

    I have to admit the flashy, preso on the Apple site makes me wonder that I’m probably not having as good an experience right now with my Redmond enabled device as I could be with its Cupertino equivalent.

  13. Hi,

    I use the qtek phone with the QWERTY keyboard, a the touch screen and a replacable battery. For me it seems difficult to see what the iPhone would offer for me apart from a step down. I can already listen to music and videos and it has a mini-SD slot. I will be fascinated to see what the tests come out with in terms of the real battery life of the iPhone but I really doubt it will become a mass market item. It is like the ps3, massively overpriced apart from multitouch it does not seem to offer anything that radical or revolutionary.

  14. Wow – technology that isn’t available for purchase yet is better than technology that’s been in the market for a while – powerful insight, team.

  15. ‘No, what we were screaming was “We don’t want an integrated device if it sucks.”’

    I see the RDF is strong with this one.

  16. “We don’t want an integrated device if it sucks.”

    You mean like something with EDGE (read dial-up). Welcome to 2004. Ha ha ha ha ha.

    We’ll overlook your inability to objectively look at the specs of a phone. It’s a common mental state of fanatics.

  17. Nice product but it just really isn’t marketed right. It is more for consumers but I will shut my mouth because of the power of firmware updates. In fact I will remind most of you that Apple doesn’t play well with updates for iPods but this is different, it has the platform feel for it already. But many will argue from what Apple has displayed in the past.

    On the memory news, there is a tremendous drop in SSD. With devices like this it will just keep on dropping as well. So there isn’t too much to think about here except this is a phone. And unless Apple is willing to bite on different versions that overwhelm just size in memory. That 2 year contract just is something as well – will there be another iPod anytime soon that differs from the bunch or is it worth it at all?

    Like I said look at Apple’s history, they have a bad record of releasing products and when they need to deliver. I ask is it worth it because of its updatability, there will eyebrows raised in the area of a bigger size or another unit as this seems feasible for a long lasting period of time. Will Apple deliver – I guess Om will be telling us and reporting throughout the year…

    Great coverage guy’s, it was like I was there 😉


  18. The major issue, I believe, is that the iPhone does not support user-installed apps. Widgets are all well and good, but Apple better offer a range of applications as well. “Notes” just isn’t going to cut it.

  19. as its not out until q4 in the uk I am not bothered.

    but knowing apples price conversion in the uk it will end up being a rip off. I.E it will be equal to a laptop in price (not a great one).

    I think when they bring out 32 gig version it would be worth the price.

  20. Take the iPhone, forget the ridiculous touch screen, what does it leave you with. A phone that plays music, and videos on the road, has got some nice web-features and you can call people with.

    Where have i seen that before?

    Probably with bad battery life. Look at it, it has a huge multi touch screen, do you think that runs on air? Storage capacity which just can’t compare with a desktop or laptop, and that is what this phone is comparing itself to.

    It still looks damn fine and I actually want it pretty bad. But it’s just a fancy ipod which dials out.

    And that’s not enough for a two-year contract and $500. It’s a start though

  21. I think all you people here complaining about it (in some cases reasonably so) are largely irrelevant to Apple, this is to get consumers on the “smartphone” bandwagon, not those of you who have been buying and tweaking them since they really sucked until now where they only suck.

    Probably all also complained that the iPod was locked to iTunes, doesn’t support OGG, etc., and would thus suck. Well it may suck for you but clearly 10’s of millions of people disagree with you.

    My biggest hope is this gives other (consumer) phone makers a big kick in the ass.

  22. “This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.”

    This is what I saw, when I went to Apple’s website.Can anyone tell me when is Apple officially putting iPhone for sale?And what the price tag would be?
    just anxious to know, because it combines features of devices, which are itself(taken independently) pretty hot in the Indian market.

  23. Very interesting…but the fact is…its good to have 2 companies trying to bring better products to the customers….well lets see who wins…in near future

  24. Apple makes a nice product, and this is coming from a microsoft guy married to a mac tech. The only problem is price. My wife had an ipod that kept breaking, went thru 3 of em. I got her a zune almost as a joke, now she loves it, and no problems. I run a business and needed a smart phone, we got the blackberry curve, same price as iphone, twice the features. Now my wife wants an imac. They are pretty, but I can get a pc that’ll run circles around it in performance for half the price. Lower your prices apple, or you’ll always be a niche market.

  25. The Iphone is a nice toy but I need a phone like the Treo Phone. I need a phone where I could download and store my notes to my computer. This week I lost the very important information because I don’t have that feature on Iphone. So when my 2 year contact is up so is my relationship with the Iphone. I think it is a shame window users are limited to the uses of the Iphone and I feel they are forcing me to buy the apple computer and with me that is not going to happen. So I will be moving on. Also, what happen to the ability to forward text messages that is sent to the user of the Iphone, what up with that? Is ok I had it because I have to buy something to store the written word.

  26. Hate to say it but the iPhone was over-hyped. I just picked up an HTC Mogul running Windows Mobile 6.1 and it can pretty much do anything an iPhone does, even look the same with a simple download.

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