12 thoughts on “Apple kills Chomp for Android”

      1. Apple hate is so sad. Why in the world would Apple want to recommend an android app? It would just be stupid. Stupid Apple ain’t.

  1. “It is hard to figure out what is going to happen to Chomp’s deal with Verizon.”

    What deal? Yes, I can use the internet but shouldn’t there be some context in this article?

  2. Exactly the same as Apple killed Logic for Windows after they bought Emagic.

    It is tempting to think of it as anti-competitive, but the reality is, it’s just that Apple doesn’t want to sell crappy products. Logic for Windows had only a subset of the features of Logic for Mac — the original version that goes back to when it was called Notator in the 1980’s — and there are hardly any musicians on Windows. Most audio users on Windows are broadcasters and they have lots of app choices for low-quality audio playback. The energy from Logic for Windows was better spent on GarageBand for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Those are better products that have enabled more people to make more music.

    Similarly, Android is crap, Android apps are crap, and there is not even one real Android platform. Helping people to discover Android apps is not helping those users. That is just participating in Google’s scam that they are working on consumers. Next you will want Prada stores to start promoting counterfeit Prada bags.

    And “iPhone / iPad” is a question a consumer can answer. “iOS / Android” is not. Most iPhone users do not know what “iOS” is and the same is true of most iPad users, and similarly, most users of phones based on the Android open source project do not know what “Android” is, and the definitions vary.

    So Emagic and Chomp both got better after they were purchased.

    I know none of this makes sense to those of you who are inside the Nerd bubble, but the Nerd Bubble is maybe 10% of the technology world now. The rest of us just aren’t interested in your ideas about generic technology platforms that may exist sometime in the future, or may one day in the future match what Apple was doing 5 years ago, if only we users would just take a CS 101 course and learn what not to click on, why we wouldn’t need Apple at all. Yawn. Same for the knee-jerk armchair capitalism “we need to encourage competition!” BS. Apple competed fair and square and they are the biggest company in the world because of the fact that they are much better at capitalism than you. On AT&T/Verizon/Sprint, 6 out of every 10 devices they sell is an Apple device. That goes back 2 years at Verizon and 5 at AT&T. That is competition. Apple won this round, same as Microsoft won PC’s in the 1990’s. Alternatives to Apple will have to work to find their markets, like Kindle is doing, like Microsoft is trying to do with Windows 8.

    1. My, what a grandiose self-inflated douch-nozzle you are. Please don’t include yourself with us 90%. It’s embarrassing…

  3. I do wonder how this will affect app discovery. Chomp was and is cool but the algorithmic approach I always wondered about. Can you really write an algorithm to determine quality of anything? It seems like a human touch is needed.

    That’s why we created AppMyWorld (http://www.appmyworld.com). It aggregates professional human reviews from around the web. Right now we only concentrate on iOS (iPhone, iPad, & iPod) but do people think we should expand to Android?

    Check us out and let us know what you think.

  4. anti-trust? if android and it apps are not good, then shouldn’t the market decide that, and not Apple?

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