17 thoughts on “Signs Point to an Apple iPad, New iPhone OS”

    1. Seth

      As I said in my conclusion, there is a good chance that this all is about a new iPhone — but the OS also powers whatever the new device is. I am happy to get multi-tasking on my iPod Touch for sure!

  1. This is going to be one slick device. I know, kind of bold to say as much before having seen the device. Although, Apple has a pretty good track record these past few years so I don’t feel like what I’m stating is that much of a stretch.

  2. @Om “Of course, no one know if the device is for real.” Apart from the typo (knows) this is silly. Plenty of people will know that it is real if it exists and a few will know if it does not exist. Unfortunately none of them are you or me.

  3. If it’s not a productive device… it’ll ultimately fail. However fun a giant iPhone would be, it’s not worth the hefty price tag that an Apple tablet will surely have.

    I want to sketch in photoshop and illustrator… I want work with this device… if I can’t do these things, I’m not interested. My MacBook Pro will do me just fine.

  4. Flurry can only measure activity from applications that include the Flurry Analytics code. Tablet-specific apps almost certainly don’t include the code, so all that Flurry’s research shows is that some devices running OS 3.2 within the Apple firewall are running some iPhone apps, not that those apps are representative of what the devices are intended to do.

  5. I’d love to see some Sitemeter.com reports of who is running OS 3.2 and see what resolution screen is visiting. That would give us some insight — where are the marketing data companies and why aren’t they issuing THAT information?

    All it would take is a simple search through the web browser logs for OS 3.2 and screen res and you have some info no one is reporting.

  6. Pretty prescient, Om.
    I noted on my site (today, Jan 26) that I was surprised at how matter-of-fact the CEO of McGraw Hill today said on CNBC that the “tablet” will be out tomorrow and will definitely carry McGraw ebooks and research.

    I also noticed that the top 5 grossing apps in Apple’s app store are all games (as are more than 10 of the top 20 grossing apps overall).

    eReader, gaming, iTunes TV/movies. I expect this thing to be a home run (whereas Apple typicaly has a nasty habit of selling their beta products to the hardcore Mac heads).

    Stay on the front lines!

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