15 thoughts on “New version of Apple TV likely on its way for a September 10 launch”

  1. “when Apple received shipments for “set top boxes”—most recently, on December 5, 2012…”

    Wait…between December ’12 and August’13, exactly zero shipments of set top boxes?

  2. One of the world’s premier guessing games rolls out a new episode, in which many expert analysts will pretend not to be astonished by the particulars of the announcement, after it has been made, although few had seen it coming with anything like clarity and must rely on the forgetfulness of their diffident audiences in order to maintain their status as elite techno prognosticators.

  3. I think the fact that the event is being held at the townhall (meaning on the Apple campus) with only a few hundred attendees decreases the likelihood that there will be a lot of other things announced alongside the new iPhones and iOS 7.

  4. It is probably an updated/refreshed Apple TV with higher RAM to accommodate iOS7, probably a dual core A6, and with a built-in video camera for FaceTime communication. This is probably an interim upgrade model before Apple segues to the next generation Apple TV/iTV product.

  5. Etay may be on to something … with the Airport Extremes and Time Capsules having been updated recently to support 802.11ac – which the new iPhone might possibly support, then an updated Apple TV with 802.11ac seems a reasonable bet.

  6. Upgrading to 802.11ac Wifi would make perfect sense. Just like having a single core A6 to accommodate smooth playback of 60fps 1080p videos taken with the iPhone 5S’ new camera. Smooth Retina AirPlay Mirroring with OSX Mavericks on >=1080p TVs sounds cool too.

  7. If apple tv2 comes out for a 100 or less I get a new one but it better be worth the cash not a rehash. I have two roku and Sony with Internet but the apple is a lot better

  8. i guess “New York-based global trade intelligence platform Panjiva” should probably not be relied on for future reports?

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