5 thoughts on “Apple’s Dream Factory”

  1. with a mac mini, does anyone really need a stereo. combine it with one of them fantastic speakers from creative and you got a rockin’ music system.

  2. Nice designs, it will be interesting to see how close they come to what we’ll see in the future from Apple.

    It reminds me of the post you had a little bit ago about Silicon Valley not understanding their customers. This was ironically posted on the same day I decided to try and get graduate research credit on the topic of the importance of good design as a marketing elective. Increasingly, I believe designs, not technology, will be the true product differentiator. The technology doesn’t mean squat to the normal Joe, they just want a solution that works and is enjoyable to interact with. Usable solutions with a kick of style – that is what it is all about.

    There’s a fairly clear correlation between the Starbucks phenomena and the popularity of the iPod. Give the customer a high quality product mixed with a pleasing environment (whether it is a coffee house or slick human-computer interaction) and you will be rewarded.

  3. brady thanks for the post and yes i do agree with your conclusions. hey how about dropping me a link when you finally do get your research credit. it would be interesting to read your conclusions as well.

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