9 thoughts on “Apple’s iFox, an Origami competitor?”

  1. Is this a photoshop job or a real thing? I would rather have a bigger screen than such a huge dial wheel.

  2. The sad thing (or maybe it’s the funny thing) is that this imaginary abomination is actually more elegant than the non-imaginary origami prototypes.

  3. Personally, I can’t wait until this is released. I have always struggled to type on these giant keyboards with my matchstick-like fingers. Finally a device built with users like me in mind.

    Thank you Apple, you’ve done it again.

  4. It should be a joke.

    By the way why cant people get away from keyboards and buttons and scroll wheels and knobs and levers … TOUCHSCREENs is it that hard to imagine!!

    Even the IPOD Video devices have wasted valuable realestate trying to add a dial, Who needs them anyway. If you want me to watch stuff on your device just give me a big screen. Thats all.

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