11 thoughts on “With Apture, Hyperlinks Get Rich Media”

  1. As an investor in Apture, I can guarantee there is plenty of depth to the pockets behind the company. Beau

  2. patent that?

    popup windows, with a pause, showing relevant content, oh wow

    oh puleease, it is neat, but any bonehead and a dog can copy this patent or no patent

  3. Om, I think you have missed a fact on your research. I have Snap Shots on several sites I maintain and see nearly exactly type of windows of content that you review here. It is actually much more extensive than aputre including RSS feeds associated with URL’s, Maps etc. they have them all listed on their site: http://www.snap.com/snapshots.php#menu. So I really see apture as a complete copy and nothing new.

  4. @ damon,

    the company is not just a pop-up widget. you should give it a whirl on the WaPo website. I think you will see the difference. I think they have patented their “under-the-hood”tech that allows you to get the most relevant information -web, photos, and videos – from the web crawl index.

  5. Hi Om

    I am joining this thread very late in the day, because this type of technology has once again been brought to the fore by a company called Zemanta. They have positioned themselves mainly towards bloggers, and also offer an easy way to include relevant photos, articles and links to your blog. There is also Snap, which you mentioned. So which is the best option for bloggers? Would most likely depend on the nature of the blog and its market. These tools may even be used in conjunction with one another for a rich blogging experience. Whether they have compelling revenue models is another matter.

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