4 thoughts on “Are Buyers Lining up for Vonage?”

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  2. If I’m QWest, I’d think hard about a Vonage buy. This would give them some good buzz and the national presence they lusted for in their MCI humping .

  3. I guessed GOOGLE on the Skype………or EBAY

    but Vonage with BellSouth???????? A sheer ACT of DESPERATION or an innovative way to sneak into others territories????????? Makes Logical sense but MONETIZE the $450 per subscriber and what ya got???????? an OVER HYPED , over ADVERTISED expensive $25 per month service!!!!! Hell , If BellSOUTH gave me 1.5 billion , I think I could ”’FLOOD ” every internet page with VoipNuke.com ads to get customers to sign up!!!!


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