6 thoughts on “As Earnings Disaster Strikes, Intel Crying Inside”

  1. 2009 may be a rough year for Microsoft and Intel since Microsoft is on the verge of releasing Windows 7. I have an upgrade cycle for my laptop, and it’s due in May 09 — but I may wait it out until a few months after 7 is released. Who wants to buy a computer and then upgrade it in a few months?

    Q1 and Q2 09 are going to be really bad. Depending on when Microsoft releases 7, Q3 may also be bad. But Q4 might be better than downward-revised expectations state, since more people who have held off upgrading for 9-12 months capitulate.The key for Microsoft may be free upgrade coupons for computers sold with Vista after a certain date, as they have done previously.


  2. Honestly…nearly EVERY business is going to struggle a little in the first half of 2009. The economy is offically in the toilet, and even MS and Intel won’t escape unbruised, apparently.

  3. All this doom and gloom isn’t going to last forever, they should be happy because their rivals are hurting even more than they are… so if they invest heavily now, they will be that much further ahead when things do improve.

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