4 thoughts on “As Phones Get Smarter, Browsing Booms”

  1. Interesting to note RIM’s position in this list. Clearly folks that use a Blackberry do very little beyond email. Blackberry’s are still email phones and not smartphones.

  2. (but it’s not all smartphones on those charts) wow, quite a significant share for Android- it hasn’t even been heavily marketed yet. Smartphones for everyone are finally here, the age of the featuresphone is passing away.

  3. @Tim:

    No kidding. Android’s share of browsing strikes me as remarkable, especially given both its limited time-in-market and relatively puny marketing expenditures. Not to forget that the only Android handset for most of the past year (the Dream/G1) looks offers little to those without a technical bent.

    Tho few care to admit it, lots of folks buy a mobile based mainly on its appearance and perceived popularity…the ‘cool factor’ vector, if you will. And, on that basis, iPhone makes the G1 look pretty sad. All the more astonishing that such a homely little spud – speaking as both a G1 owner and fan – is now the #3 smart phone, by share of on-line activity. Wow.

    Meanwhile, am I the only one surprised by the huge chunk of HTC’s activity (==90%?) represented by Android handsets? I mean, with HTC selling a few millions of WinMo units where are all of those users? From looking at AdMob’s data, it would seem they spend even less time on-line than do Blackberry users. More evidence for this article’s thesis, I s’pose.

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