9 thoughts on “Ask Goes Local with AskCity”

  1. I think this is a fantastic new service and an area that obviously has a lot of potential in the future. On the side of the reviews, does anyone know who has written the reviews? Obviously the content is coming from Citysearch, but who does citysearch get to write the comments? It would be nice to see some form of review aggregation from multiple sites into this type of clean interface so that we get a completely balanced POV

  2. Isn’t Ask based in Oakland (not in Emeryville)? There is a huge sign on one of the office towers in downtown Oakland.

  3. First problem is see is that if the name of the offering is Askcity, then they should buy that URL and have it redirect to city.ask.com.

    Beyond that, I tried the site and looks decent.

  4. You are spot on. Sorry for not making sure that they were no longer based in Emeryville. It is just bad habit. Last time I visited them, they were in Emeryville, and I thought they were still there. Apologies again.

  5. I think it’s okay not to have AskCity as a unique domain since it is really just a subset of IAC’s real strategy driver: community search.

    Also, I can see why Yahoo is shuffling seats, IAC has the opportunity IMO to leapfrog them in terms of community generation. Eventually, community generation will usurp general search, and IAC has the pieces to that puzzle…not Yahoo.

    Great Blog!

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