4 thoughts on “At Verizon, DSL slows but FiOS Internet booms”

  1. And yet VZ has stopped expanding their FiOS footprint, while refusing to upgrade DSL in areas where FiOS is not offered. My office is about 4000 ft from their CO, and the best they can offer is 5 Mbps. They refuse to invest even $100 per line to double or triple this limit, and they don’t seem interested in deploying FiOS here, either.

    1. About 3 years ago we were looking to get an upgraded connection for my office (a public library). we already have a fiber line directly to Verizons CO. All they had to do was the equipment at either end and they only offered us 3 bonded t1’s. Even though we already had the fiber to their CO in place.

      Verizon is lazy.

  2. It’s telling that their 2011 annual report does not even contain the words “DSL” or “Digital Subscriber Line”. Y12Q4 report also says in wireline “63 percent of consumer revenues generated by FiOS”. The 2011 Annual Report says they have 24.1M “voice connections” compared to the 5M total FiOS users; so 20.7% of the customer are producing 63% of the revenue. (Someone check my math, but it’s no wonder they are focused on expanding FiOS.

    @keninca Maybe you should just keep calling and complaining. Maybe they’ll upgrade you to keep you quiet. (http://gigaom.com/broadband/why-verizon-is-killing-dsl-cheap-broadband/)

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