11 thoughts on “AT&T 3G Network Ready for Faster Speeds”

  1. if you honestly believe AT&T HSDPA coverage is even close to Sprint and Verizon’s EV-DO coverage than you are either extremely biased, or just mis informed. EV-DO from Sprint alone reaches more than 200 million people.

  2. Well HSPUA is going to be pretty much in most major metros and big markets, the ones where I am more likely to find myself. I think it would be a better option. Who knows what rules does Sprint put in place.

  3. AT&T is working hard at getting their 3G network built out. Sprint and Verizon did have a head start. However when it comes to speeds, my understanding is that AT&T users are much happier.

    Sprint joining Verizon with the 5GB monthly cap is foolish. It will be interesting to see how many people choose AT&T as a result for 3G broadband.

  4. AT&T is the king of monopolies. I highly doubt they will let access be unlimited. More likely it will be unlimited for 6-12 months, until they have more subscribers, in which case they will enact the same caps that Sprint and Verizon do. No one wants to court the small percentage of customers who use the network the most. They aren’t profitable for any carrier.

  5. The timing of this sort of announcement is curious, just a few weeks before iPhone2 is released. Maybe it will give bloggers & analysts time to digest it before Apple sucks all the oxygen out of the blogosphere for a few days. Should get a great boost if the iPhone2 does indeed go 3G/HSUPA-ready.

  6. Well, AT&T is at least considering a 5G cap, too. The Sprint cap is a “soft cap”, meaning if you continue to use > 5G/month, they will terminate you (but no ETF or overage charges). AT&T was the first to terminate users for excessive roaming (which Sprint is now doing).

  7. far more important to me than any speed increases is the elimination of any and all FUP ‘caps’ as well as usage restrictions(against VOIP, streaming video, etc.)

  8. Great. Maybe once they’re done speeding up existing 3G networks they can expand it to cities that are still stuck on the super slow Edge network. I can go 1.5 hours in any direction from Chattanooga, TN and find 3G, but not here. 🙁

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  10. I think AT&T has a leg up on Sprint and Verizon because 85% of the world uses GSM with UTMS. The rest uses either analog or 1X RTT (which Sprint and Verizon use). I have had all three networks and Sprint is the WORST (they charged me a 100 dollar texting fee when I didn’t even text that month AND NEXTEL SCREWED SPRINT=LONG STORY) and AT&T’s 3G coverage is not in my area. I’m stuck with Verizon’s somewhat slow network speeds and their crappy customer service (in my opinion) and I am planning to switch back to AT&T when they get a 3G signal in my area. I am also planning on vacationing in Europe (they use GSM UTMS) for about 3 months. I could go to the AT&T store and pick up a 3G phone for about 50 bucks (and not pay a fortune for a world phone from Verizon) and use it all over the world. Too bad Verizon is restricted to 15% of the world.


    Ok EDGE sucks. I’ll admit that.

  11. Joe, I think you mean HSDPA .

    Why not get a go phone, in Europe no one gets a contract phones any ways.

    Sprints data coverage is way better then att, you said it yourself. “AT&T’s 3G coverage is not in my area” I live in one of the 10 largest cities in my state, we have one of the largest att corporate call centers and no att 3g.

    Sprint is already in evdo rev A , att doesn’t even have their 3g network fully implemented yet.

    Sure LTE is coming in a few years but att will have to get their inital 3g network everyware.

    Sprint will be rolling out their 4g network right about the time att is finishing up their 3g coverage.

    Att will however bill you for their 3g service as though it’s gods gift to man even if its not available in your area and all you can connect to is edge.

    As far as sprint goes, I too agree they have had their issues. But after dealing with att for my employer I thank my lucky stars for sprints awesome customer service and support. I don’t have to wait on hold for hours just to ask a question, then to wait on hold while they figure out what the issue is.

    I guess my advice would be if you want good data coverage everywhere, great customer service, and less costly data service. get sprint. if you want an iphone get att,

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