4 thoughts on “AT&T-BellSouth Deal – Winners & Losers”

  1. Great article Om,

    I am curious: is ATT dropping Yahoo? I am an SBC Yahoo customer and i happened to call them today for customer support: they have dropped any mention of the Yahoo name. All the ATT DSL ads now omit to mention Yahoo as well. Just curious!

  2. Look, on AT&T’s conference call, they even said their Capex was going to be reduced in 07 and 08. It’s a certainty that there will be a slow down for equipment vendors. But for Lucent (core IMS supplier) they’ve got a good chunk. Moreover, HSDPA/HSUPA vendors will see almost all their fair share because ubiquitous 3G coverage are table stakes going into 07 and 08.

  3. cingular has already basically outlined its IMS plans, so not many major changes there, and LU is already pre-built into it. same for Nortel and others who are supplying 3G gear.

    I suspect the bigger change is on the wireline side where clearly there is going to be reshuffling of dollars.

    sure there is going to be cap-ex reduction, but it doesn’t mean everyone is going to suffer. they will be spending more on IPTV project, which is good for alcatel.

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