7 thoughts on “AT&T Buys 700 MHz Spectrum Licenses”

  1. Unless my math is really suffering, $2.5 billion divided by 196 million people is $12.50 per person. Granted, most of it is in major markets. The spectrum just sold by Aloha was originally purchased in auction for about $43 million plus $10 million (Cavalier) plus $5 million (DataCom). The average per-person price in the original auction was about $0.50.

    Dylan Oliver
    Primaverity LLC

  2. Dylan, you skipped a step. We are talking the price per pop/MHz. So take your $12.5/pop and divide that by 12MHz. You and up with $1.04/pop/MHz which is just a rounding error away from Om’s $1.06 . . .

  3. Om, there was never any doubt that the A and B blocks were going for over $1/pop/MHz. After all, the FCC valued that 1.9 GHz spectrum they swapped to Nextel at close to $2/pop/MHz. I’d be surprised if the A block doesn’t fetch similar numbers. Also, wasn’t AT&T one of the financiers behind Aloha Partners, anyway. I swear they were backed by the old AT&T Wireless. In reality, this may be a bit of an accounting move.

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