80 thoughts on “AT&T's new CEO Randall Stephenson on iPhone, 1st day jitters and Ed Whitacre”

  1. Lame, what a boring interview, you have such interesting commentary on Ma’ Bell usually, this looks like such a suck up piece. Gee do you have jitters in a new job whatever.

  2. Given that he actually gave the time on the first day of the new job, this is the best we could do. I am going to fly to San Antonio and spend some quality time with him, and dig deeper on various different issues.

  3. This is precisely why Gigaom is my start page to the Internet. Great job, Om. What a coup. Cannot wait for the longer interview.

  4. Is it just me or does that guy have one hell of a silver tongue? Every answer is perfectly positive to shareholders and employees alike – even the totally innocent negative you insinuated Om (re: “AT&T is a fearsome company..”) gets instantly squashed by Mr. Randall Stephenson..

    Its the little things like this that makes a guy CEO of AT&T.. impressive to say the least

  5. I was thinking about this just today and I think it is Verizon that inherited the 130-year legacy of innovation. The companies that make up AT&T were the less innovative of the Baby Bells. Verizon: CDMA and FTTP. SBC: TDMA and FTTN. Which one sounds the more innovative to you?

  6. AT&T transister, unix, etc., etc. I think that was the innovation that ATT brought in the 130 years but not necessarily the new att.

  7. Way to go Apple on the deal. Apple and Virgin are the most innovative companies around these days… always creating interesting products that actually work with out the fuss. Nice interview.

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  9. I would really like Randall Stephenson e-mail address so that I post a complaint to his company. I know that with his recent promotion, he may have bought a new house and had telephone service transfered. Well, I did not get a promotion, but I did buy a new home and tried to have my telephone service transfered, only to be told that it would take two months before service could be connected. If you would like to have more info, just e-mail me back.

  10. how do I get the CEo the fix my small $28 problem. I have signed up for auto pay 3 times. 20 phone contact, 30 emails and nothing

    you promise to contact =and do not. You give me nonsense everytime only $28. Please MR. Stepenson or CEO.

  11. Att. Ceo. Freindly advice please do a test call on your customer service. It is horrible. At this rate of customer service it will needs to improve badly. No one seems to be able to help, or like myself I have been on hold for over a hour. this is regards to a phone exchange only. They can not get it right.

  12. Good Morning,

    I am a customer of AT&T. I did not know who else to contact since I could not find the information to email
    the new CEO of AT&T. I have been a long standing customer with Cingular before it merged with AT&T. I was always satisfied
    with their customer service and I believe at one time I had to call to make payment arrangements when I was on my husband’s account
    because he had a terrible accident, needless to say they were very helpful. Well, lately I have been in quite a dilemma. One day life is good
    then the next day everything just goes astray. I had to quit my job due to a major illness, so now I am on a fixed income
    Unfortunately I had to
    rely on my cell phone so much that it brought my phone bill to a very high balance. I called one of your representatives back in late August
    and informed her of my dilemma, she was so sweet and helpful and said she could extend my payment due date until October 2nd.
    Well, I am still in a bind; sometimes I don’t have money for food so I called AT&T to let them know I was going to pay $200 today and what
    other options I have because I would not be able to pay the balance in full by October 2nd and if I closed my account what would happen. The representative Sharon King said that she would check on other options, well she said that if I close my account it would cost
    me $175. Remember I don’t have extra cash for this, so she said when can you make a next payment and I said Monday October 1st.
    She asked me how much and I said I don’t know maybe $50; money is real tight, that I need to put gas in the car and feed my
    son; well she said that If I don’t give her specifics then the account will be suspended. I asked her I am trying and I want to
    make good on the payments but I can’t give you a definite answer because of my situation. She was of no help so I asked to speak
    to a manager, Jacoby Allen who works at the call center in Dallas. She reiterated what I had said to Sharon, but I could tell with an
    “attitude.” I again informed Ms. King my situation and I wanted to make good on my payments, but I could not give a definite answer. She said if I don’t send in another $200 by October 2nd, the account will be suspended. I could not believe that this person could not hear my plea for help! I informed her that I was going to write to the CEO and asked her name again and the representatives name. She again with an “attitude” gave me the information and stated that it will be duly noted that they did try to help me and that I dismissed their help???? What kind of customer service is AT&T running??? I want to make good on the payments,I told them the minimum I could pay is $50, maybe more on October 2nd, but they refused and said I needed to make good on $200.Is this company run by loan sharks??? I know it is a business, but I am trying to make good on it, I am not trying to run away from my bill. I want to give AT&T another chance to help me. I am not one to run away from my bills, but people do need help from time to time and this time… I am one of those.

  13. you have rude agents working for your phone service i bought your package for 99.00 it has cost me about 2000. now and now thgey want another 800. + i will pay what is fire but you need to fix your co or no one will buy your service as for me i will not recament any one god bless

  14. Mr. Malik,

    This is regarding your following question to Stephenson:

    OM: “There are a lot of challenges facing the company. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing AT&T as a company and you personally?”:

    Since you have Stephenson’s ear, despite his pat answers, maybe YOU can get this message to him since no one else can give me even the NAME* of the CEO, much less his mailing address.

    I have had three days of nothing but frustration with AT&T and am so furious I could scream (and would do way more if I wouldn’t find myself behind bars). You should ask if Stephenson’s going to put REAL people in Customer Service instead of the maddening dysfunctional robots on both phone and AT&T website.

    This is the NUMBER ONE most user UNfriendly company I have ever encountered, and I’ve lived 65 years! After three days of trying to get someone — anyone (or ANYTHING) to help me resolve my password problem so I could get online and pay my bill, which was OVERDUE FOR PRECISELY THE REASONS HEREIN, I finally dialed the “O” operator and demanded Customer Service. I got someone named Patty in the Pac Bell Office (who knew? What happened to AT&T?) of which Mary Montoya is supervisor. Patty was polite, partly because she knew I was ready to come through the line and throttle anyone w/ AT&T. I explained to Patty, that every time I tried e-mailing, phoning or getting onto the AT&T site, I was met with a Round-Robin of ROBOTIC VOICES OFFERING SERVICES WHICH WHEN I SELECTED THEM, ALL I GOT WAS A DEAD LINE, not even a recording saying whether anyone was still there, for 5-7 minutes each of the FIVE times I called. This all started Friday, 11/9; it is now 11/12, and as of about a4:30 p.m., am FINALLY able to access my account. After my first couple heated e-mails, a “Michael from AT&T” called and supposedly left me his number [(816-251-2970)] and a msg saying “I’m calling about the e-mail you sent to see if I might be able to help you.” Guess what happened when I returned the call? “YOU HAVE REACHED A NUMBER WHICH IS NO LONGER IN SERVICE, PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK blah, blah, blah.” That was Saturday. Sunday I was determined to get this resolved so I could LOOK at my bill and determine if the charges were correct. Upon checking e-mail, I got the following msg from “Jennifer” in Customer Service: I have reset your password to a temporary password which you will receive in a separate email. Please use this temporary password to access your account by typing the temporary password as the “current password”. Cutting and pasting the password from the email will not work. You can then create a new password that you can use permanently.

    Guess what? NO OTHER EMAIL FOLLOWED, THUS NO NEW PASSWORD. Finally went to bed with a migraine and no password and no access. Somewhere buried in att.com is a phone number, which I called. Here’s what happened: A pleasant male voice asked for my number, which I provided. Then asked for security code or last 4 digit’s of my SS#, which I also provided. Then I was told to “say what we can help you with, such as ‘I’d like to pay my bill or tech support’.” I said tech support, and it went right back to asking me what I wanted to do! This happened FIVE times. Then I tried selecting “pay my bill.” It asked me how much I wanted to pay!! I had no idea, because (duh) I couldn’t get online to find out. I went back and wrote a couple more incensed e-mails, demanding someone give me a DIRECT way to get online and pay my @$%#& bill. Today (Monday)I awoke to a message saying my password had been reset and an E-mail sent to me with the new pw. Guess what? Right — NO E-MAIL!!!

    At various points during this process I tried Account Manager, which is another Round-Robin: put pw in, which I KNEW was correct because I use no other! It would take me to a screen that asked if I wanted a tour by video or text. I chose each, twice. Zilch.

    I went again to att.com to get a phone number, since I couldn’t find one in the TELEPHONE BOOK. Guess what (I know you’re getting tired of the “guess what’s,” but…) THERE IS NO PHONE NUMBER ONLINE AT ATT.COM!!!!! This is a TELEPHONE COMPANY, folks! There’s also NO PHONE NUMBER IN THE BUSINESS SECTION OF THE PHONE BOOK. Try it if you don’t believe me. There might be one somewhere online if you dig deep enough but I couldn’t find one. In desperation, I called “O” for operator and told her I WANT CUSTOMER SERVICE NOW — AND NOT A ROBOT. That’s how I got the above-mentioned Patty, who finally was able to get the CEO’s name from the supervisor, presumably: She said *TIM HARDEN. (very confusing since he is neither Stephenson nor Whitacre!) Whatever the CEO’s name, YOU CAN’T WRITE TO HIM. I told Patty that it is a shocking policy that someone cannot write to “the head man,” even if it’s understood that one’s message will go through secretaries and/or assistants. Very bad mojo, Stephenson.

    Before closing my browser, just for the fun(?) of it, I went back to take a last look. Had I missed anything? No, but I hadn’t tried one thing I encountered during my first try with att.com: Allie!

    (Check out Ask Allie): So I asked “Allie” “How am I supposed to pay my overdue bill when I can’t even get online. Here was “Allie’s” choices:
    What AT&T products and services may I pay online?
    Is my credit/debit card number stored when I pay online.
    May I pay my bill ahead of time?
    What type of checking/savings accounts or credit/debit cards can be used for online payments?
    Is my bank account information stored when I pay online?

    I’d told “Allie” I COULDN’T GET ONLINE, and that’s what “she” gave me. Just to see what would happen, I chose the first selection, about products and services.

    You’re not going to believe this. The link brought me to another screen that said “The page you are looking for has moved, been replaced, or is currently unavailable to view. We apologize for the inconvenience, please try again.” TRY AGAIN?? TRY AGAIN?????????


    I’ve had TWO sleepless nights and THREE wasted days because of the ABOMINABLE SERVICE FROM AT&T. I would have dropped them long ago but all my business stationary, bus. cards, phone number, DSL are with AT&T, and it would mean losing business and having to throw out a case of of stationery if I changed to another provider. I may just have to do it, though.

    One last thing,

    I’m going to send a copy of this to the Better Business Bureau as well as a couple of television stations and newspapers. Maybe then the CEO will listen. Then again, maybe not: with the kind of egos that most CEOs have, they probably figure “any publicity is good publicity.”


  15. Good Ole ATT. In 1972 my husband retired from Pacific Bell after working 30 years. At that time he was given a choice–take a larger pension check that would cease when he died OR take a smaller monthly check and I would still have the same benefits–pension check, health care insurance–if he predeceased me. After 35 years and 2 moves I can not find any copy of the original papers. But back in 1972 and with Pacific Bell you did not worry about it, a promise was a promise with “Ma Bell”. She took care of her people and her people worked hard in exchange.
    Now ATT is taking 90 days to make a decision on just how much, if any, pension and health benefits I will receive. In the meantime “they” are not paying any monthly benefit checks. I have had NO money since the end of August. At that time they sent a check for $561.00. My husbands monthly pension, after 30 years with the Co., and 35 years of cost of living encreases, was $685.83.
    If “they”, I cannot find out just who “they”are, can not make a decision by Dec.23, 2007 they can extend the time until some time in March 2008. But I still will not get any payments AND the health benefits will expire sometime in the spring 2008. Of course, I can sign up for lesser coverage by paying $249.00 per month from my non-existent monthly pension.
    I would love to know how to contact Mr. Stephenson in his ivory tower and let him know just what his “wonderful” company is doing to all of the hard-working employees out there in the hinderland. He would not have a company without the line employees and the customers who just want a fair deal. But you don’t get to be the mighty, macho, know it all CEO by being honest, fair and thinking of the other guy.
    Am I bitter???You bet I am!!!! What am I going to do when all our savings are gone?? Curl up and die–but that would cure any problems that I could create for the mighty Mr. Stephenson and all his millions and millions of dollars. Cause we can not touch him or his protected life.

    Again, I have received nothing, zero, zlitch to live on. Thank goodness we had a small saving account but that is going down rapidily buying groceries, gas for my car, paying the power and propane bills and the property taxes are due on Dec. 10th–over $1,000.00.

    It would be interesting to find out what Mr. Stephenson is paid per month and what kind of a pension &/or buyout Mr. Whitacker received when he retired. And what his widow will receive when he dies.

    How ATT can get away with cheating all the retirees like this is beyond me. I always thought that a contract was a contract.

    Would like to hear from others in the same position.

  16. Once again a large company has decided that the single consumer doesn’t matter. Well this customer who has 4 seperate accounts with them is packing his bags to go to VERIZON. The customer service is a mess, I have grandchildren of 3 or 4 who could do a better job. Also I have a big problem with a company that will not do what it’s own correspondence says, the case in point is that I had to return a phone who’s battery was always getting hot and was not working properly for that reason. I was assured it was covered by the warranty. A few weeks later the phone was returned with a letter stating that my bill would be charged $115.00. I called to find out why it was not automatically rolled over to the insurance that this phone had and told that was not done. After a few other conversations, the bill arrived, this was a shock besause the cost of replacement due to the problem not being under warranty was now $215.00. When AT&T was informed that the letter we had said $115.00 they said that it didn’t matter that the price told us at the time of turning in the phone for examination was $210.00. Yes, now there are 3 prices and the only one that has written documentation is the $115.00 amount. Also this letter is dated after the date the phone was shipped to AT&T’s contractor for checking (that’s a whole other story on their practices and possible reasons for always coming back with “WATER DAMAGE”). To sum things up as my wife who owns a business put it, if this is what they think a customer is worth then their competition has nothing to worry about because they are doing the selling for them with their poor service all around. Note: My wife and I tried to solve this problem in Emglish and Spanish and got the same results as previously stated by other customers “It’s Your Problem Not Ours” well guess what if you have no customers it then becomes your problem. I am now looking for the BBB site to also file a complaint with them. I hope someone at AT&T comes up for air and realizes that poor service like this is not forgotten soon and that the customer matters.

    I encourage everyone who has had bad service or a problem with AT&T to make a post and to post the same on their blogs let’s make a mighty roar one voice at a time.

  17. I am a formerly AT&T employee (30 years service) as well as my husband who also had 30 years service. At this point all I could say is what a disgrace AT&T has become. Shame on you as a corporation who once was a family to become a phone number that no one can deal with. Where is your customer focus, where are the people who once cared. In trying to resolve a problem with your so called billing department I am truly ashamed to say the I was once an AT&T employee. I am trying to resolve a $39.95 problem (only because I get my employee discount) and can’t make anyone understand a simple transaction. What type of people do you have working for you – my grandchildren ages 11, 10 and 1 could do a more efficient job. Shame on you AT&T go back to your original standard where you actually care what happened in your industry. If not for my discount you would not be my carrier of choice which is terrible to feel this way as a once dedicated employee. Shame, Shame and more Shame on AT&T.

    Eileen Ferraro (when employed Eileen Maschenic)

  18. Leaving AT&T/Bells after being a customer for over 50 years (through all the break-ups and mergers)? After much hassle, I learned my New AT&T Tennessee.net won’t let me do automatic pay with VISA–as I’ve done in the past: only with Master Card or withdrawals from my bank account. Ridiculous. Customers cost lots more to get than to keep or lose. And 50+ year customers are a rarity. President Randall needs to try to call his own company and make auto payments with a credit card. He’ll have fun if he’s got a sense of humor and an endless amount of time. Disastrous customer relations for all of AT&T.–Johnnie Godwin

  19. Mr. Stephenson,

    The following is your quote “The new AT&T is wireless at the core in terms of great new handsets; in terms of enabling true anytime, anywhere mobility that our customers want and in terms of being innovative and service-oriented. If there are any jitters, it’s from the excitement running through this company about our prospects.”

    I hate to say it the service oriented statement is a crock!!! I had, yes I said had, been a loyal customer of wireless service for 11 years. To you it may not mean much but it was a big deal to me. About 7 months ago I dropped my cell phone and could not read the top part of my screen therefore if I had text messages and they were short I could not decifer them. I checked to see when I could upgrade my phone and I found out that it was not until November, I thought it was the 7th but it was actually the 17th when I would be eligible. Well November finally rolled around and I was excited to be replacing my phone. On Saturday Nov. 10th I went to an AT&T store and I told the sales rep that I wanted to replace my phone he showed me different models and gave me prices I really didn’t like any of them … he asked me for my number so that we could begin the process of getting my phone and he told me that I was not eligible for the upgrade until the 17th but he could have his manager get an over-ride (how convienient was that!) I told him that I would think about it and get back with him. I then went to Sam’s Club and the sales person was very helpful, by the way she is not an AT&T employee she is a contractor and that’s probably why she was so helpful, after I picked out a phone Vanessa then looked up my account and informed me that I was not eligible for an upgrade until Nov 17th I explained to her that I had just been to an AT&T store and they could upgrade me and she said that because she is just a contractor she does not have that ability and that I would have to wait until the 17th.

    I was the first customer on the 17th the rep (not Vanessa) was away from her area getting balloons we finally completed the transaction I signed up for another 2 years of service with AT&T, which is something I have always done, when the rep gives me my phone and the paperwork she informs me that there will be an “upgrade fee” of $18.00 (WHY???) when she sees the look on my face she recommends I call AT&T and ask them to waive the fee since I have been such a loyal customer for so long. I went on my next errand and called AT&T about an hour later I spoke with a young lady and explained the fact that I had just signed a new 2 year agreement and that I was not aware of the “upgrade fee” and could this fee be waived … well she just laughed at me like “are you stupid?” after she was done laughing she said “No we can’t” I informed her that I have been a customer for so long and again she said “No” she put me on hold and came back and said no a third time. By this time I was so upset that she had even laughed at my question that I told her that I couldn’t believe it and that I was thinking of cancelling my new agreement with AT&T, returning my phone and even cancelling my home phone and internet service provided by AT&T! She just said ok and could she help me with anything else. Of course that just made it all worse she didn’t care about me or the services that were being provided by AT&T and the customer she was about to lose! At the end of the call she said I hope that I was able to help you. She helped me all right I made up my mind to cancel my wireless service.

    I then called the rep at SAM’s Club and told her about my converstaion and she couldn’t believe the way I was treated and told me to call AT&T and speak with a supervisor. I spoke with a supervisor at AT&T and she was speechless she couldn’t beleive that I had been treated that way and she apologized profusely. She said that the fee could and would be waived. I told her that I was seriously considering cancelling my home and internet service as well as my wireless service. She asked what she could do to keep me as a customer and I said that I didn’t think that there was anything and that the damage had been done. I asked if there would be any problem with me cancelling my new agreement and she said no but she wished that I would reconsider. I was sitting in the parking lot at SAM’s crying out of frustration and actually mourning my loss because up until then I had be a very satisfied customer. I went in the store and there was an actual AT&T rep there I explained everything to her and she took down my name and number and asked what she could do to keep me as a customer, when I kiddingly said how about a free blackberry she laughed and said that as much as she would like to she just couldn’t do that. She realized that I was kidding and trying to control my emotions. Needless to say I did return my phone and changed wireless providers. I paid $54.00 to my new provider for the phone and I didn’t care as now it was just a matter of principle.

    So now I am writing to you because 2 days ago I received a bill from AT&T for $192.37. When I called to find out why I had received a bill I was told that I could always check my bill on line – which is not true because all my on line privilages for my ex-wireless service were cancelled on Nov. 17th – Doris Clack (rep) after some research informed me that the bill was for early cancellation of my contract. No-one ever informed me that I was cancelling my service early. I did not know that when I was eligible for an upgrade that didn’t mean that my contract still had 4 months left on it. When I spoke with the supervisor on the 17th and asked her if there would be a problem with me cancelling my new agreement she said no I didn’t know that by me cancelling the new agreement my old agreement was back in effect and I still had 4 months left on it. I just found this out today when I spoke with Jeff Stewart – AT&T Sales Manager he said that AT&T has the option to offer the upgrade at 20 months into the contract and at that time they can offer a new agreement (how beneficial to AT&T). When I spoke with him today and asked him about this and if there was anyway that this could be waived since I was not aware that I had canceled early he said no, he was sorry that I had been treated the way I had been but that I should have known that there were still 4 months left on my contract. That it was my responsiblity to be informed. I told him that I had signed 2 years ago and that I wasn’t sure of the end date and I believed that it was at the same time that I was eligible for an upgrade he said that I should have read my contract. I asked him if he reads his contracts and he responded “Yes and that he keeps copies of all his contracts and that he has the very first contract from when he leased his first car”. I told him that I admired him for that but that if a survey was taken he would be one of the few that did this. He told me that when I cancelled my new agreement the old one went back into effect – no-one ever told me this and that I still had four months left. I asked to speak with someone above him and he said that he was that person. I asked him if I were to suspend my service with my new carrier, which they allow – believe it or not, would I be able to fulfill the remainder of the contract and he said yes. I asked him how much my bill is normally so that I could make an informed decision and with a $36.00 activation fee and my average of $57.00 a month I would be paying more if I did this than to pay your bill of $192.37. I told him that I felt like I was being screwed again! I asked him if the $36.00 fee could be waived and he said no, after speaking with him further and asking him if he reported to anyone and after informing him that I was going to speak with the CEO if necessary he asked if I would like to speak with his boss and I told him yes that is what I asked you earlier. He finally came back on the line and said that his boss was going into a meeting but that she said that the $36.00 fee could be waived. I then asked him to note that on my account and I would get back with someone and I also asked him if I should die today after all of this stress what would happen to my bill he said that at that time the contract would no longer be in effect and there would be no bill. THAT IS REALLY GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE to think of me when I die and to stop sending me a bill.

    I would really like this matter resolved as quickly as possible and if that is not the case if you would please provide me with the name of the person in your legal department that my lawyer would need to speak to in order to resolve this issue in court.

    I appreciate this message board as my lawyer will have ammunition to substantiate my claim of the worst customer service that AT&T provides.

    Thank you, Maria

  20. I have had DSL service through the previous company of Bellsouth for several years now. I now have that service through AT&T because of the merger. I have really had no problems (none compared to the previous post that I have just read) but we all pay for marketing that is done by any company from which we receive service. I receive information to purchase my DSL through AT&T constantly. Can’t anyone there write a program to “Not send marketing information to customers that already have this product”? AT&T must spend millions of dollars in wasted marketing dollars. Mr. Stephenson, you have your job cut out for you. It appears that you have a mess to fix. Good Luck. I would love to see AT&T become a better customer service company because I want to see it survive. Too many of our jobs are sent overseas, but if AT&T has not already made that mistake, I suggest you get control of things before the company that we all have our phone service with is one that is owned by an overseas company,

  21. California Public Utilities Commission
    Consumer Affairs Branch
    505 Van Ness Ave.
    San Francisco, CA 94102-3298
    • My name Vernon Moore account is billed under Rehabilitation Therapy Inc. DBA Robertson ADHC CTR
    • Service address 3400 Elvas Ave, Sacramento, CA 95819 Mailing Address 2158 Humphries Ct, Gold River CA 95670
    • Mailing address and phone number 3400 Elvas Ave, Sacramento, CA 95819 Phone 916-452-2529
    • Name of the company you are complaining about AT&T
    • Address and telephone number of the company (if applicable)
    • The name of the company’s representative you contacted Tracy C Kohls> AT&T Business Account Manager> DATA & VOICE Specialist> 9169722251/fax 7074277604
    • Your utility account number XXXXXXXXXXX
    • A brief description of your complaint (please limit your complaint to two pages or less)

    This is in regard to over billing issues with AT&T

    We are being charged for 2 High Speed Internet Conection every month and sometimes 3
    We have tried to resolve this issue with AT&T for over 3 months. But everyone that we talk to tells us that we have to call someone else. We finally get someone who is supposed to be our account rep. Tracy C Kohls> AT&T Business Account Manager> DATA & VOICE Specialist> 9169722251/fax 7074277604 to come to our site to talk to us, by telling them we are interested in upgrading our telephone equipment and services. And they are shocked when we tell them that before we will even think about upgrading, they have to correct the ongoing billing errors and give us accredit on the over charges. This was on January 9, 2008. She promised us she would check into it and have it (the billing errors) corrected but it may take several weeks.

    Following is a series of emails between us

    From: Vern Moore [mailto:vern@working-vern.com]
    Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 1:48 PM
    Subject: Credits on DSL overcharges
    Thanks for the info on call transferring I was able to pull that info up on the AT&T web site.
    Have you had any success in finding out about the DSL overcharges on our bill yet
    Hi Vern,
    My Service Rep should be in touch to do a bill review and make adjustments if needed,
    ( what was the billed number again, I need that to look for a status on this request…)

    From: Vern Moore [mailto:vern@working-vern.com]
    Sent: Monday, March 17, 2008 8:00 AM
    Cc: Moe Bryant
    Subject: Credits on DSL Over Charges
    To date I have not been contacted by your service rep. or anyone else from AT&T.

    It has been over two months since our meeting. Is this request being ignored like all of the rest that we have made to AT&T? if you can not handle this please put me in contact with someone that can!

    Thank You

    Vern Moore
    Rehabilitation Therapy Inc
    DBA Robertson ADHC CTR
    Sorry we missed you.
    I think you got lost in the shuffle while I was out on vacation and I was ill for a few weeks prior.
    ( But I am back and healthy to work hard for you.)

    Please let me know what the DSL issue is again that needs to be addressed and I will assign this to a billing rep to help resolve for you.


    Tracy Kohls
    HI Vern,

    From: Vern Moore [mailto:vern@working-vern.com]
    Sent: Monday, March 17, 2008 11:52 AM
    Cc: Moe Bryant
    Subject: Re: Credits on DSL Over Charges
    Please See Attached as you can see we are being SLAMMED FOR MULTIPLE INTERNET SERVICES

    Thank You

    Vern Moore
    Rehabilitation Therapy Inc
    DBA Robertson ADHC CTR


    Did you call the legacy AT&T billing support for the COVAD 192k DSL to verify that it is not being used anymore?

    ( There number should be on that phone bill…
    You will need to call and let them know that the DSL should have been disconnected months ago and Legacy AT&T that was billing the COVAD DSL would issue the credits for that account. They should be able to see if this account is being used or not and would resolve that portion of the billing for you…)

    Dave Hovey and I can help ensure that you are only getting 1 DSL bill for the New AT&T billing.

    We are trying to verify which ADSL on the new AT&T billing is being used right now , so that we can disconnect the service. …TK


    Vern Moore
    Rehabilitation Therapy Inc
    DBA Robertson ADHC CTR

  22. “My personal challenge is to make sure that the pieces we’ve assembled–industry-leading wireless, TV, broadband, global operations and local service work together as smoothly and efficiently as possible.”

    If you mean the above, then you’ll contact me.

    The new ATT and the old ATT have really screwed things up. You have a 17 year customer (two wireless, international, long distance, fax and local service, $300+/month) in collection for $26, which your reps admit is your mistake. And the new ATT has told the old ATT in a conference call that this is an ATT error, and still I get calls (two today, Sunday) from the ugly, unprofessional, unrelenting and rude GC Services collection company.

    Please contact me or have someone who can actually do something in that mess of unintegrated billing systems of yours contact me.

  23. I must say after reading all these negative remarks and warrented complaints with regards of “lack of customer service”, I really feel bad, knowing that not everybody is a terrible rep. I personally love my job as a repair rep, and I honestly try my best to go above and beyond to help each and every customer I come in contact with, It`s difficult at times to satisfy each and every concern but we as a whole really try to acheive this goal. As far as the rotten apples go, beleive me when I say they will be sorted out, each and everyone of them, Our managers have implemented some serious customer service skill training classes in every department across all states, as well as making sure we are accountable for our own behavior. I know its hard to beleive but i think within time you will see the changes, and i mean positive ones at that. Our customers are our number 1 priority and i hope you will all see the differance with the New AT&T.

  24. AT&T is just a monstrosity money machine with specially trained retards acting as customer care reps who have no authority to make the customer satisfied.

    Keep your money in the bank if you don’t need a cell phone or any of AT&T’s services.

    You’ll live a long. prosperous and happy life…watching AT&T wither up and drop dead!

  25. I don’t know if this the appropriate time to complain but here goes. In January 2008 I fell for your latest attempt to get people to switch from their local internet provider to At&t internet service. I was promised $125 check for changing to at&t internet service. I have been trying since January to get the $125 check. I made calls 0n 1-21-08, 2-27-08, 3-24-08, 4-15-08, and 5-18-08 asking where my check was. Each time I called except for the last time (5-18-08), I was told the same story that my necessary paper work had been received and it was being forwarded over to the people who would process the check and it would be 4-6 weeks. On 5-18-08 (daryl) I was informed that his supervisor said that switching from Hughes Net didn’t qualify for the check. I find it odd that on 4 different occasions that I was told that it did qualify and that it had been approved and that I should receive the check for $125 in 4-6 week. So you can see that there are lot of people at At&t that are not sure who qualifies for the $125 check including the guy that did the paperwork signing up for At&t internet service. Any help with this matter would be surely appreciated. Oh bye the way, the internet service is great. A little help in getting the $125 check would be nice.

    Conny Chandler
    190 surey chase drive
    Social Circle, Ga 30025

    Phone 770-464-4580

  26. Hi, do you think AT&T could develop a phone for seniors, ie, (Jitterbug)
    Big numbers, loud sound? I have been an AT&T customer forever and always. I think a lot of us baby boomers would like to provide for our parents and keep them in the AT&T network. I don’t see any phones comparable to the Jitterbug. PLease help. Grab those senior citizens.

    Susan Rioux

  27. Hi, do you think AT&T could develop a phone for seniors, ie, (Jitterbug)
    Big numbers, loud sound? I have been an AT&T customer forever and always. I think a lot of us baby boomers would like to provide for our parents and keep them in the AT&T network. I don’t see any phones comparable to the Jitterbug. PLease help. Grab those senior citizens.

    Susan Rioux

  28. i have had phone, & phone filers (mailed a 2nd set), told to go and buy new filters from Radio Shack! I was told it is not my outside wiring and it is my inside wiring and for months i have DSL and phone problems, 4 tech have been in/out my home, one day AT&T did not even honored the appointment. I have to talk (India and Japan) to “BOB” <:p. have to listen to machines, choose menus, and folks in the US – and 2 different departments (DSL and phone)- because no one will interfaces with each other & at my/our expense and use of our time to request relief in my bills for these problems-$50! if i got paid just regular bucks an hour for all my time-my bills would be free for a long time in the future and with more service(s) on the phone and DSL.

    An old woman sick and retired

  29. Yes you read the EMail address correctly. Comcast! Why you ask? Because AT&T cannot supply me with high speed internet. My neighbors across the street have AT&T high speed. I have always had AT&T phone service at my home. I recently closed my business but I still need computers etc. to finish all paper work. I called AT&T to get high speed internet. Was told I could not have it. I see your commercials dozens of times a day for high speed, and how I can bundle everything—phone, high speed, TV, even cell phone. That is what I want! After weeks of just being told I could not have high speed, Someone finally explained the problem. Seems My house is being fed from a different “office” than my neighbors across the street. I did not want comcast but Comcast is the only one that could give me high speed. Do not even suggest that I go back to dial up.

    I need a solution before my “introductory rate” is over.

    Joyce McNeil

  30. HElP…….having a heart attack………got a bill equivalent to my mortage because a representative lead me to believe what I wanted done was an availabe service with AT&T…………I need corporate office email address to send the following:

    In the last week of April I stopped by your Harlem Store located at 81st 125th in New York City to inquire about adding international service to my phone. This was in preparation for my upcoming trip to Jamaica for the period of May 3, 2008 through to the 17th. The young lady I spoke to (forget her name); informing her that I wanted the ability to use my phone in island of Jamaica without incurring any roaming charges, told me that I would have to contact customer service via phone in order to add the international feature added.

    Taking her advice I called customer service the morning of May 3, 2008 about an hour before I was scheduled to leave the US. Once again I indicated to the customer service representative that I was traveling to the island of Jamaica. I indicated how long I would be there and specifically requested that international service be added to my phone so I would not incur any roaming charges. Your representative advised me that the service plan that fit my indicated needs would cost monthly $5.99, which will be prorated and may take an additional billing cycle to be reflected in my bill. She further added that any minutes outside of my plan minutes would cost anywhere from $00.29 to $00.49 cents per minute. I told that was fine and authorized the addition of this service to my bill.

    The week of June 14th I almost had a heart attack when I open my bill to see a balance due of $1447.82. I immediately called customer service to dispute the balances owed because I knew I had international service added for the period I was in Jamaica and still had not removed it because I needed to make follow up calls to the island and use the blackberry service feature.

    The customer service representative I spoke to indicated that from the notes on my account she could see that I was not probably advised of what the international calling feature entailed, such as the fact that roaming would still apply, however with the service feature added on the May 3, 2008 it would be at a discounted rate. She further advised me that because of the amount of the outstanding balance my request for a credit would need to sent to a high level adjuster for review and I would know the decision in 7 days.
    Today June 25, 2008 I got that decision and was extremely disappointed and upset when told that my request was denied. I writing to you to appeal that decision and required AT&T to honor the service I requested and which two of your representative (Harlem store and phone service representative) lead me to believe I was receiving.

    Specifically I am requesting that all roaming charges be credited and minutes used be deducted from my monthly and or rollover minutes. I believe this is fare and equitable because I did in fact used my phone while in Jamaica, however I did so because I was assured on two separate occasions that my indicated needs could be met and I did my part by calling and adding the feature I was told I needed in other to meet my needs. At no time was I told what I needed was not a service that AT&T offered, nor was I advised that what was available only partially met my needs in that roaming would be discounted rather that eliminated.

    I am going crazy……I can not for the life of me imagine where I could even pay this if in fact I was not misled.

  31. July 12, 2008

    Dear AT&T,

    I’d like to express the extreme displeasure and anger I have right now for your company. Originally I was very excited to find out that as a Cingular, turned AT&T customer, I would be able to purchase an iphone when they were released. I’m an avid Apple user and enjoy using their products. I opted to wait for the second-generation iphone for a number of reasons and got in line on Friday July 11th before the Apple store at Tyson’s Corner Mall in VA opened at 8AM. There were approximately 70-80 people ahead of me in line however I got inside the store by 8:15 and an Apple associate promptly began to help me. At this point it seemed the process would be swift and relatively simple. I could not have been more wrong. The associate received an “IRU” error message while attempting to ring me up which lead to a multitude of phone calls to AT&T. (about 5 calls in all) Only to find out that because I receive an Educator’s discount I was not able to purchase an iphone until I called AT&T to cancel the discount. This made no sense because I was signing up for a new 2-year service agreement with an entirely different plan. The educator discount was something that I added a few days after my original contract began and I expected to have to do that again.

    After the discount was canceled I was sure the whole ordeal would soon be over. Wrong again! Now, because the iphone was in the middle of being activated from the prior attempt to complete the purchase, it was trying to charge me the non-upgrade priced of $499 instead of the correct upgrade price for $299. The system thought I already had an iphone. So, now an AT&T representative was in the Apple store to help resolve the problem. After a while he said the problem was rectified but it could take a few hours for both systems (AT&T as well as Apple) to reflect the changes. To add insult to injury the AT&T rep had to restore my current cell phone because it was no longer operable because the original iphone was trying to be activated with my phone number. So, after about 7 hours at the store I left WITHOUT an iphone!

    The very next day I thought I would make another attempt (I was just as excited as everyone else) in making my purchase at the Apple store (they were holding the phone for me) surly enough time had passed for both systems to be on the same page. Wrong yet again. The same problem was popping up and it seems the AT&T rep from the day before was wrong. The AT&T person on the phone hadn’t nary a clue. They thought I was trying to add a phone to the same line.

    This tremendous inconvenience and aggravation has given me more than enough reason to cancel my contract with AT&T after my contract expires. It’s unfortunate that problems like this couldn’t have been prevented with simple tests and trials before the predictable masses attempted to purchase a product with your service. I’d like to blame Apple for some of the issues but they handled their part of the process very courteously and professionally. As far as I can see the problems clearly fell in AT&T’s lap and should have simply been solved over the phone. Your phone support was definitely Ill prepared to handle the numerous problematic scenarios and much of your management was left not knowing what to do. As a company you should be embarrassed something of this magnitude could happen. I’ll bet at the end of the day you’ll smile at complaints such as this one from me and think, “Yeah, but we still have your contract agreement” or “If you want an iphone you have to go through us”. Well, eventually you won’t be the only provider that works with the iphone. And eventually people like me will tell all of their family and friends and coworkers and so on about your poor service and they in turn will tell theirs. And ultimately after the little things are much publicized they will actually reflect big losses, financially, for your company. I’d like to think that this message will get me somewhere and that management will take things seriously and respond with an apology with “sincerest regret” and actually do something to appease me but at this point I’m left expecting the same poor customer service. (Please forward this message to the people that care at AT&T)


  32. Yes,
    Since I’ve called ATT for over 3 hours today via the customer service line…and was told WE CAN’T HELP YOU WITH YOUR PROBLEM! After signing up for “new” service 6/28, my lovely wife and I moved into our 1st home 7/1, phone was said to on 7/3. No phone, 5 foot hole in my front yard but no phone, We had to call and find out, why no phone? MAYBE 7/8 or MAYBE 7/9, okay the wife and I are patent.

    Phone service was activated 7/10 cause the wife and called and had to do let me talk to your superviser deal! The hole in my front yard was there for almost 3 weeks, again the wife and I had to call to light the fire. Wow! I’d be prefect for a job at ATT, I love to double talk people and try to talk down to them.

    Now there’s another problem.

    So I ask you Randall Stephenson, are you going to help me. Or does Frosty Roads have to write a song about how bad ATT service and what a crappy company you run. I assume your like everybody else at ATT, hey sip your martini, count your money, cheat on your wife, and drive your benz or beamer. What happened to good ol customer service? Are you too big a playboy to care, is your wallet to fat that you can’t get out of your 1000 daollar chair.

    All I want is some real answers, a real solution, and not to be treated as an idiot. The problems with American society where personified over the last month dealing ATT. I will make it my lifes work to say how dissappointed I am with there service, and how dissappointed I am with the company as a hole. Yes, Mother “I was taken advantage of by a bad man”

    SO RS, you get in touch with me, you help me. Cause your comfort is my only concern! And the question is what can I do for you?

    All The Best
    Jay Thompson/Frosty Roads

  33. It is now 1pm eastern standard time. ATT has till 5 pm to fix my problem, get in touch with me, and treat me as a valued customer.

    If not, Tomorrow you’ll find every line, every bolt, every piece of mail from ATT, in the street. The song “Ode To ATT & RS” is already written.

    Good luck guys, VERIZON HERE I COME! I never had a problem with COMCAST.

    Do the right thing guys.

  34. Well,
    It is now 4:21 pm, eastern standard time. As of 5 oclock The song “Ode to AT&T and RS” will be video taped. Since Att doesn’t care about me, I;m going to start an underground movement, simply stop paying your bill. Let them put it into collections and the whole nine yards.

    I feel abused and so mistreated it’s unbelieveable! I will post the video on every website I can, and hey if we can get 10% of people just to simply stop paying the att bill, ignore them the way the ignore there valued customers.

    Frosty Roads is making it my mission to let people know how they refused to help me as a customer, and yes Frosty Roads will record the tune. It’s all music to me. You now have 30 minutes, you call me, you make me feel like a valued customer, you prove to me why I should continue with your service.

    Hey verizon, Frosty Roads will be your newest spokesman, for cheap, just to stick it to ATT.

  35. Well,
    After spending the entire day, on hold, being passed off over and over again. Having to always go over somebodies head, having to wait for a call back. And just making a big huge stink and just wanting customer service. I recieved a call at 4:45, finally the problem is correctly diagnosied and the lady, Ginger, was curtious and very sweet and helpfull.

    With this I won’t do the video, but I would love to hear from you randall to talk about this major issue for a fortune 500 company who’s supossed to be on the cutting edge of technology, WOW you have a long way to go.

  36. Again,
    After dealing with this idiot company over the last month. This morning I wake up to find my internet service unavaliable. 6am on a saturday morning, I’m on the phone, again having to yell waking up my lovely wife, due to the idiots that you call customer service.

    I need to speak with you RS, I can see why you don’t have a public email address. I want you to call me and make me want your service. Now, I’m fed up and I already have told everybody that will listen, how absolutley poor ATT is! I’m taking my dog to the vet, and every person I see, I’m going to tell them about my experience with att. Irionically, 90% of the people I have told already agreed and told me thier horror story of dealing with att.

    Yes, apparently I just started my sentence. 1 year, and 11 months of shitty service left for me. So hey if you need to call me, call RS and leave a message for me. Oh and by the way, I made it a point to ask every customer service rep who the CEO of ATT is? Not one answered correctly! And one had the nerve to tell me RS wasn’t the CEO!

    So mr. playboy, mr. bigtime, mr. I count lot’s of money, MR. I have a big office, Mr. I make more than you, MR. taliored shirt, alligator skin shoe wearin’, Mr. I’m the head of ATT and can talk down to people, Mr. I don’t care about my customers, mr. big house on the hill, mr. vacation home in the hamptons, mr. silver spoon in my mouth, mr. I can’t buy a 10 dollar bottle of wine because I’m better than that.

    You contact me, get out of your fat cat office and do something. Don’t tell me about how good att is cause, you suck. By far the worst experience I have ever had in my 34 years of life. I guess I brought it on myself, by choosing to work with ATT, I quess I asked for the abuse, I guess I deserve it. I guess i’m just a little peeon that RS can’t bother himeself with dealing with, well RS, I will not go away, and I will preach loud and proud about how absolutely poor att service is, how I was talked down to, double talked, treated as an idiot, lied and made excuses too. Everyday, everywhere, I will post negative blogs, posts, forums posts chatrooms, everything…until you RS, you personalyy call me, not your secretary, not your worker bees you boss around. Frosty Roads wants to speak to you, you call me, you take the time out of your bust scedule for me, YOU TREAT ME AS A VALUED CUSTOMER.

    AND TO ANYBODY THAT READS THIS WHO KNOWS RANDALL STEPHENSON< YOU TELL HIM HE BETTER GET IN TOUCH WITH FROSTY ROADS, AS EVERY SHOW< EVERY public apperance I will make it my mission to tell everyone who will listen, about how bad and poor and unprofessional AT&T is. AND obviously the major problem starts at the top!@

    YOU CALL ME RS, please you can afford the long distance call. RS, Ignore me please, I beg of you, It just add’s to the overall experiance of dealing with, I will have to say, the WORST company I have every had the privalage of dealing with. Since your here already, WHY DON’t you kick my dog too, please, in the head!

    ATT, RS, you get in touch with me. You kiss my butt now, you go above and beyond, cause that’s what I’m going to do. Go above and beyond telling people my nightmare horror story of choosing ATT.
    Bye jerk

    All The Best
    Your “Valued Customer”
    Jason Thompson AKA Frosty Roads

  37. HEY RS,
    I”M NOT KIDDING. I just told all of my nieghrbors, and all 5 agreed and basically said “You went with ATT?”. Like I said, I guess choosing ATT means your asking to be mistreated, I guess I deserve it. Cause I pay me bill.

  38. HAHAHA
    Well guys, A verizon Rep just called asking if I would be willing to do a commercial, regarding my experience with ATT. They actually want to help me, treat me as a customer. They actually said THompson right!
    Oh, and on top of everything else ATT has done to me, they got the address wrong on the bill, and basically told me it was my fault.

    All I ask, please, when you screw me, at least give me the common decent thing of a reach around.

    RS I’m waiting. I’m your customer, you call me.

    ATT prisoner/victim
    Yours Truley abused
    Jason Thompson AKa Frosty Roads

  39. I cant wait until my contract expires from AT&T/Dish Network. I am overbilled or underbilled monthly since November 2007. I spent 2 hrs+ on the phone today dicussing my current bill which is underbilled from $30.00 to $18.30 this month (internet charges). AT&T excuse, “we are trying to get the billing cycles in synch.” And I was “guaranteed” that next months billing would be correct. I never laughed so hard in my life and said “I’ll be calling you next month trust me.”

    What is wrong with this company???????????? How many people deal with this chit monthly? How much does AT&T make from us with their billing practices? I am so angry with AT&T since they overbill or underbill monthly for 10 months in a row. Told the representative today, “I am just going to send an amount – what ever I choose, since they cant get their billing in order – AND trust me I will pay no late fees. Bring the court system in at this point.

    We signed up for a monthly plan, same expense monthly and have NEVER have we been billed that charge!!! Heres a clue – bill us the exact same amount to elimate this problem, then there would be no problem, but you cant handle that one now can you!!!!!!!!!

    Yours Truly


    CONNIE OGDEN 706-557-0025

  41. I just recently purchased an iphone under the impression my monthly bill would not exceed 150 dollars a month. I relize that I was lie too. I called and spoke with a service rep, only to find out that they would cancel my contract for me and I would only have to pay 113 dollars. I only had the phone for two weeks,I explained to them I shouldn’t have to pay for anything because I was lied to about my monthly charged, of course all they could do was cancel the contract, without solving the problem. Can anyone send me information on reaching Randall Stephenson.

  42. I sure wish I had come in here and read these comments before EVER associating with AT&T. I bought an Iphone and because of the abominable service, returned it within 3 days. I was charged a re-stocking fee of about $25 and my credit card was credited with the rest of the amount I had paid. Now, after a month of using another phone company, I get a bill for over $200! On top of that, I can’t get anyone to stop it. How ridiculous! Well, good luck because I will not pay for services not rendered, no matter what you do. I am a senior citizen, living on social security so feel free to try.

  43. I have never in my life felt more frustrated in dealing with a company, any company. ATT is suppose to be a “communications” company, and yet trying to get to the right department to get our U-Verse service to work is next to impossible. My husband and I were on hold with ATT a total of 4.5 hours last week trying to get the right person to help us. When we finally did get someone to come look and see why things were not working, they were in a complete stupor. That’s the third person to come out over the last four months who was not able to solve the problem. We have been so frustrated each time that we put off calling. . . .because we know that we will once again wipe our ass with a hula-hoop.
    Randall Stephenson, please help us. This is not rocket science. Although I certainly don’t understand how any of this works, you guys are suppose to. That’s what we are paying you for. Am I right? You owe it to us, as your customers, to give us what we pay for.
    Thank you.

  44. I am writing this letter in hopes that the leader of an American Icon has not allowed the focus on profits to overtake the need for customer service and doing what is right.

    Regretfully, I recently switched my cable TV, home phone and internet from Comcast to AT &T. The salesgirl that initiated the transfer promised a bundled package that evidently was aimed at transferring customers from your competition at any expense. I soon found out that what I was sold was not what I was told.

    I urge you to look into the notes on my account to see the lengths I have gone to get satisfaction. I have stayed on hold for countless hours and spoken to countless “customer service” representatives with not one willing to take ownership try to solve my problem. I have requested to have the tape of the sales call reviewed to prove my case only to be told that a supervisor would call within 48 hours. I have been promised no less than four times that a supervisor would call me and have yet to receive a call. I know what you’re thinking at this point, “one of those problem customers that will never be satisfied”. Wrong, I was only asking for what I was sold and teach sales and customer service for my profession.

    The salesgirl told me that if I would purchase a bundle, I would receive Dish TV free for one year with a two year agreement. I explained my needs for 2 HD DVR receivers and three regular receivers. I asked her would there be extra charges for my needs or would there be a rental charge for the equipment. I was told that there were none for the first year. I received my first bill for Dish TV for $183.00.

    I called the Direct TV customer service number on my AT&T bill and was bounced from Direct TV back and forth to AT & T with both companies saying the problem was not theirs. I told the last girl from AT& T that I would have to cancel the Dish TV if I could not get what I was promised. She told me I was not eligible in my area to get the package that was sold to me and there was nothing she could do.

    I indeed called back to cancel, after securing a new contract with Direct TV, and was told that I will now have to pay a cancellation fee. After explaining the series of events, I was told that a supervisor would be calling. Still no call.

    I will be paying my free TV bill that cost me $183.00 but have since cancelled my home phone line and will soon be cancelling my internet service due unfair treatment of a customer.

    I only write this letter in hopes that you are unaware and care about protecting the trademark that took so long to develop. I am not interested in being compensated or reversing what has transpired. My motive is to make you aware.

  45. I think AT& T should treat thier pay as you go customers with more respect! I have recently tried in vain to switch to a contract. What you see on the net is not what you get in the stores WHY? Everything should be offered sraight across the board. and if a pay as you go customer wants to go to contract, you would think that AT&T would be delated, and do so with no activation fees. I think that if I sign up on the web or a store, and have a go phone I should be able to keep my same number regardless, if it is a AT&T number or another carrier. Seems like cusomer care and service have gone down the drain. Companies forget it is our money we have the right to spend it where we like. But they act like they are doing us a favor by allowing us to buy thier product? Talk about customer service needing revamping. None of your reps say the same thing, and they note only what they wish to on the file not everything, because then it would show they lie to customers. As long as I have had my 3 go phones, they should have been more than happy to match the internets free phones and waive of actavation. seems to me they lost money, in the long run, by not doing so. Let see the math. go phones 3 usally spend $400.00 a year, because we know it is limited. verses a contract aroung 109.00 a month X 12=1308.00 that is a loss of $908.00per year, and I am only one customer. How many more have you lost? At this rate and the economy, treating your customers unfairly, how long will your earnings be up and not falling? bet they are down right now. JMHO

  46. Mr. Stephenson,
    I have some issues that I like to get resolved. How can I get in touch with you by either by e-mail or physical address?
    Thank you

  47. You and your company are a pain in the neck calling every day from 915-342-5876. I wouldn’t buy another stinking thing from you ever. You have no respect for the privacy of your customers. I hope you have a very unpleasant day

  48. Mr Stephenson, I have some MAJOR issues I would like to discuss with you since I cant seem to get any help from customer service. Please e-mail me with a phone number to where I can get some answers please.

  49. I want to take this opportunity to express myself about problems I have had with AT@T concerning my billing where I was wrongfully charged for someone else’s internet services from Feb. of 2007 through Sept. of 2008. It was two separate households twelve miles apart. After they realized what they had done,AT@T stopped charging me for two internets and started charging both services to the other party. Not only did they get me, then they turned around and tried to do the same thing to the other party. After trying repeatedly to talk to someone that was willing to listen or to hear my comments, I was told more lies than the mind can imagine. For instance-I was told to go to that other person and collect my own money- somebody got internet service and somebody had to pay for it-I should have been paying closer attention to my bill-they can’t make decisions so a supervisor will call you, which never happered- when I called and asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told they was busy, out of the office, in a meeting, not available, or I’d have to leave my number and they would call me back, and when I asked for the name of their supervisor they could not give out that information. I think by now you are getting the point. I am a very dissatisfied customer. Regardless of who I got on the phone, they were hateful, arrogant, they raise their voices, talk down to you, they never listen to anything I have to say, and the bad attitude is up front first and formost. I have delt with a lot of companies in my life time but AT@T is undoubtly the worst company I have ever had dealing with and if I were a stockholder in this company, I would be ashamed to tell anybody that I was affiliated with a company with these standards. I think there is probable cause for the Attorney General’s Office, Better Business Bureau, and The State Legislature to investigate this company for wrong doings. You treat us with no respect and you forget the customers are the ones that keep your company prosperous. As of this day, I still have not recieved my money. I’ve been promised a check in the mail, but is this another lie? After I exhausted all efforts trying to talk to AT@T, I then talked to my legal council and was advised of my legal rights. It took me telling them the next person they talked to would be my lawyer before someone finally called me and still a very heated argument took place. I didn’t make the mistake, AT@T did.

    Thank You

  50. After reading all the comments, I wonder if AT&T want us as customers. With everything going on in the world with people losing jobs it is real important to treat the customers you have as well as you possible.

    Now, I will tell you my prolbem, I wanted AT&T to turn off one of my phone line in my home. I have been trying to do this for the last four yeasrs, can you believe this. On March 20,2009, AT&T try to do it again, well I,m with out phone service, because AT&T turn off the srevice completely. I do not understand what the problem is. After all the company has high-speed inernet.
    I would like to hear what the CEO think, of this. Please reply.

  51. Mr Stephenson, I hope you have the guts to email me and offer your help with some really simple solutions that none of your customer service reps seem to be able to manage. Solution? Simple…stop billing me for services I never ordered and never received. Credit me for what I have been billed for so far and apologize to me for taking up so much of my valuable time unnecessarily. Get it together for God’s sake. I know that I am just one customer, but it seems clear that I am far from alone here. Not only have I spent hours and hours on hold, and given countless numbers to call because no one person can do more than one thing at one number, and have been told to call, in this case “Dish Network” because it is their problem only to be told by them to call At&t because you made the mistake…and you did! It has been a couple of months now, and I am still being billed for Dish Network through you. I have Comcast for God’s sake and I have had Comcast for years.
    The mental duress that this has caused me, and the valuable time that you have taken away from me is cruel and uncalled for. To top it off, I received an extra high cell phone bill because I went way over my minutes talking to god knows how many of your representives… with no results. Of course my cell phone is with you too!
    Man, talk about sticking it to someone. Anyone reading this…got any ideas as to how to get anything resolved in this idiot company?

  52. I have just spent over 1 week to get my service reconnected after going through at last 8 different agents. After all this – it takes them 1 day to reconnect the phone line but another week to reconnect the DSL line. The DSL tech doesn’t seem to understand my English…probably out of country call center being used. It was bad enough that they found 2 additional bills that I was not aware of because they can’t transfer final bills to new accounts or that they sent the final bill to the wrong address. They also have required a security deposit for both services – same company one bill but two separate security deposits. Oh, did I tell you I have been with At&T and their various reiterations for over 30 years! I even worked for them for 16 years in the Midwest Corporate headquarters. I am now on hold with their DSL division because they gave me an installation date for 6 days from today! The manager finally has gotten the new installation date for Thursday instead of Monday which is better than nothing.

    I am highly disappointed in the way this transaction went. If I could get another provider I would but I live in a large multi-unit building downtown Chicago and my choices are limited to say the least.

  53. To whom it may concern:

    I quit the New York Telephone Company in 1981. I quit because the company had changed so much. There was a great lack of concern about the customer and more about profits.
    I was sick to see what you were doing then and sick to see what you are doing today.
    I have sent letters and E-mails to you. Asking about my pension. I have yet to receive an answer. In another three months I will have reached the 65th. anniversary of my birth. I have several questions I need answered.
    1. Am I entitled to a pension after thirteen plus years service? Yes or no?
    2. If yes? When do payments start? What will be the amount of the payments?
    3. if no? why not?
    4. why have you failed to respond to my previous requests?

    Joseph M. Bauman
    P.O. Box 8651
    Long Beach CA 90808


  54. Mr.Stephenson,

    Welcolm to AT&T an organization I have dealt with for over 30 years individually and as CEO of several public companies. I just had a very disturbing encounter with an AT&T company store that has left such a bad taste in my mouth since the incicedent is over ethics and fradulant behavior I posted a blog entry in the New York Times, Twitter and will recommend to my business colleagues and organizations to research your competitors for nationwide corporate contracts. The link to my NT times entry is below.

    New York Times Blog-Bits-Under the Hood Apple 3Gs
    It is amazing how little the AT&T store personnel know about release dates and technology. I went into my AT&T store in Great Neck, and told my salesman Apple was introducing a new IPhone 3S mid June. He told me he just came from a meeting and was told Apple was ONLY offering a software upgrade to the 3G phones. I purchased the 3G based on his insistence and confidence in AT&T. I called back 32 days later when the specifics were announced, and the manager Ahmed Hosain told me, it was only a software update, but he would credit my account the $100.00 difference. Every newspaper and trade publication spelled out in detail every enhanced feature the day I called and spoke to the manager. I called again today and once again since my phone was 32 days and not 30, I would not get the 3GS. Apple makes a spectacular product, but arrogant misinformed managers, and misled salespeople ruin any business. AT&T’s actions are tantamount to fraud. Apple, keep up the good work, and my best to Steve Jobs for a speedy recovery.


  55. Obviously, I am not the only person who has spent hours of time on the phone playing “let’s pass the buck”. I simply want to get a dsl connection on the line that comes into my house, and I have spent 3 and a half weeks trying to get the job done. I feel like I have talked with every employee at AT&T, and they very graciously refer me to some other department, and this goes on for hours at a time. To make a long story short, I am going to write to my congressman, and to the Illinois Commerce Commission to register a complaint for false advertising ( quoting one price for the high speed service, and receiving a price that is over twice as high as the one quoted), and for the absolutely worst service I have ever received from a utility company. I find it difficult to understand how a company can develop amazing wireless products that do everything except prepare a meal for a family, but cannot solve an “engineering problem” related to one single line entering a household. I called again today for the fourth time, and goth the same run around. I was told engineering would contact me, but I was told that a week and a half ago. No call yet. If I can’t get this resolved by the end of this week, I will send a formal letter of complaint to the I. C. C. and another letter to my Congressman.

    Please let me know where we are going next in this circus!

    Don Erickson

  56. i am mad at&t well not help me at all i have cancer and thay are billing me for a phone that thay sead thay well tack back and thay well not do it can you call me back and help me with thes asp my # is 6019470361 that is my cell call me like i sead asp.

  57. Obviously, after reading the above comments, AT&T doesn’t care that they are providing unsatisfactory service to their customers.

    May 4, 2009, I decided to drop my long time mobile phone network and internet service (both were almost perfect) and buy the AT&T bundle. What a mistake I made. Each month my statements are incorrect and I have to spend 45 minutes to an hour discussing it with the customer service personnel, only for them to tell me in the end, I was correct. They had over-charged me. Each month I was assured it would not happen again. Guess what, each statement from May to October have been incorrect. I was at my final straw when I called the individual at AT&T customer service when I got a bill for over $365. After about a 15 minute research, he verified my bill should only be $134.16. I asked if I would have to go through this every month. He said hopefully not, he fixed the problem. We will see when I get the next statement.

    I have gone on the internet numerous times to get a phone number and address for the CEO. Obviously, he is very well versed in the problems and doesn’t want any one to personnally advise him. I read he has only been the CEO for two years so if he doesn’t have a nervous breakdown because his company is so messed up, he will eventually give the job to someone else or FIX the many problems that have occurred.

    Please respond if you can find it in your heart to do so.

  58. I’m frustrated beyond belief. I’ve gone into an ATT store in Dallas trying to get info on why my balance on my Go Phone had disappeared. They said I HAD to dial 611 on my phone. At 611 they said they could only give me one months data and I HAD to go online to get the help. Online it only offered FAQ (none fit) and so I wrote my question out TWICE. Started late November, no answer, no luck so far.
    Does anyone know how I can get answers and maybe talk to someone besides a Call Center in another country?

  59. My husband went to work for the telephone company in 1968.
    He started in San Leandro, CA, then Hayward, then S.F., then set up the Lab in Dublin, CA.

    He was selectively fired in 1995 because he was middle management, at the same time San Ramon was hiring.

    He had a job decription that was 13 pages long.

    He was treated like dirt when he left the company.

  60. IPHONE DOES NOT WORK. When I called AT and T not even supervisor knows the CEO of AT&T. It seems that I’m talking to MENTAL RETARDERS who does NOT even know the FAX number for AT&T corporate office.

  61. So, the New AT&T will not allow you to have the option of turning off the data services on your phone, if it is a smart phone!So, if I wanted to use the iPad with the 3G option, I have to pay for two data plans. Oh wait, I can just take my SIM out of my iPhone and put it in the iPad? So, how do i answer calls??? I think the new AT&T isnt really looking out for the options of the consumers! So, the plan says, if u get screwed without KY, you must have HEP C!!!

  62. The store on hwy. 580, in Clearwater, fl. has an untrained manager named Eva, when she gets in over her head she refuses to call for help. What should have been a simple matter of making a phone call to her district manager and the DM making another call, the problem was somewhat resolved. I took 3 hrs out of my day, when there was an easy fix to the problem. Where was the customer service? As soon as I can I will be switching to another carrier. I would like someone at corporate to call me 727-742-7975 There is a lot more to this and I want to talk to someone.

  63. Mr. CEO of at&t Been treat horribly by your company. Been a long time customer and will be leaving your service . You totaly have screwed me. Wanted new I phone bought with overseas credit card , was accepted. Had to pay in advance. Five days later recieve e-mail order cancled. Go to apple store which have ample supply of I phones. Have phone in hand and credit card denied because at&t has a 30 day reserve on my overseas credit card account according to bank. Account frozen because of at&t reserve. I spend numerous hours waiting on phone trying to speak with at&t representative when reached no help, been to original store , manager no help. My bank want simple letter from at&t releasing hold on my overseas account. No one will give me such a simple letter for my bank . What a way to treat a longtime loyal customer who pays a hefty monthly sum to you. I am appauled by your service and how in considerate your company is torward this customer. I will be leaving your company as soon as I can. You should take a closer look at how you treat your customers. Thanks for holding my credit card account hostage for the next 30 days and deprieving me of buying a phone. Sleep well knowing this.

  64. I have been and AT&T customer by whatever name it called itself since 1960 when I returned from Korea and again at the end of the military Viet Nam era…..not until your U-Verse(August 5th) have I EVER had my service interupted….I called AT&T to ADD cable to my existing service of , Internet,Land line and Cell phone…I was told It would be and additional $39.00 a month for the 1st year. U-Verse was installed on August 5th and my billing date set for August 6th, on September 9th I received a past due notice for $163.63/ $124.14 and a FINAL AT&T bill for $156.18 for a total of $443.00 for ONE month and thweek I received another bill for Cell phone service for $92.00, totaling $$525.00 for August and September…I cancelled U-Verse after they cutoff my service w/o explanation, and went back to my prior service with AT&T that I have had at this SAME address since 2001….I paid the $156.00 bill and was treated like a NEW customer and had to post and additional $100.00 deposit to turn the service I had back on,; as of TODAY I still don’t have Internet….the reason the U-Verse Tech. took the “Modem”, even though your policy says you don’t remove equiptment, I think the trainee with him took it by mistake.So, my old # that I was told I could not keep 919-781-4773, is the # the DSL Tech. installed BUT your system shows it not a working #; the new # 919-787-7231 (not working, until 10/15/10) is where I had to order a NEW “Modem” for a $75.00 fee… I am A 72 yo retired Veteran living on fixed income; having retired after having a stroke and Type II Diabetis. I hve no Idea where this nightmare will end, but talking to your Customer Service Ms. Martinez was a mean and awful experience…..contrasting that your Mr. Clark Spence went out of his way at your North Hills store location for the better part of two hours to help me get this order done, finally I would like to have the billing adjusted and a plan that lets me pay it back from my pension and my old # 919-781-4773 back, Kind Regards, Melvyn F.Jordan; 3011 Crimson Tree Court, #102, Raleigh, NC 27613.

  65. AT&T SUCKS I have had trouble with our phone for the last five years and it is still not fixed every time it rains it roars when you call them they tell you we will come out when it quits raining and they will come out and tell you to call when it is raining and what do they do we will get to it when it quits raining same old BS I am tired of it and will not pay for it. They can stick it where the sun don’t shine

  66. Yeah AT&T is so big, they dont even care about their customers. Do whenever they feel like to anyone. Wish it would’ve been nice to talk to someone who’d understand customer’s point of view

  67. Hey the CEO don’t care, he’s simply there to makey heavy money, He dont care about the customers. Yes He do care about something, that is his stocks. I’ve been with AT&T for almost 15 months and I already have problem with the CS reps, supervisors and the managers. They are not only rude but also refuse to help. month ago i talked with 1 manager and she end up telling me do whatever i want she cant help me. It’s pretty pethatic.

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