4 thoughts on “AT&T aka SBC Rolls Out IPTV in San Antonio”

  1. No HDTV means no go, unless they just want to compete with basic cable. Without HD, what’s to stop the continued flight to NetFlix or even P2P?

  2. I don’t believe a lot of consumers completely understand what HD can truly deliver nor do I think they really care — why do you think cable companies were able to sell “digital tv” for so long. The main driver for HD has been the “mine is bigger than yours” syndrome that drives men (and perhaps woman) to purchase gigantic TVs that take up so much space.

    I think sports are the main driver for HD programming, but is it really necessary to see “Everybody loves Raymond” in HD on a 6000″ flat-screen TV?

    See the article from Scientific Atlanta regarding consumers viewpoints on HD programming.

    I think the real driver here is the enormous potential for having an IPTV architecture to deliver video. As mentioned in the post — kudos to the telcos for delving into this investment to deliver real competition to the cable providers. I can’t stand the quality of my current cable provider.

  3. The people who have $90/month cable bills understand HD or at least will wonder why cable has it and at&t doesn’t. These are the customers you want, not the basic cable guys.

  4. No, you want all — from basic cable to the cutting-edge HDTV consumers. The fact is that many/most people still watch 90%-100% SD programming. (And you don’t need HD to get a $90 cable bill.) The exciting thing is the infrastructure; HDTV will follow along.

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