4 thoughts on “AT&T launches faster 45 Mbps U-verse broadband in 40 new markets”

  1. I live in Apex, NC, just outside of Raleigh. Every subdivision around us has been upgraded to U-Verse. We are stuck on the Legacy BellSouth Fiber to the Curb platform. Do you know what AT&T services I can order over that high tech platform? POTS, that’s right, just POTS. I have AT&T fiber to my front yard that they will only sell me analog phone line over. Gee I wonder why they are losing share to TWC? It’s ridiculous!

  2. ATT is the worst and slowest internet pipe option.

    The only reason that they can even pretend to get you these speeds is with ever increasing compression and even then you are still going to be limited to your up speed of 6Mbit or 4 times what you could get with a T-1 line as a rule. Comcast or other cable companies will give you much faster up speed options with their coax of fiber cabling options.

    You also have to be within 2000 feet of the DSLAM from ATT to even try to get these speeds. Can’t wait to see how bad the Uverse service is when you try to run 4k H.265 video with multiple streams.

    ATT is at the of their ropes of obsolescence with their DSL or Uverse or whatever they want to call it offering which is over 2 pair of copper lines that used to be for POTs lines.

  3. Anything has to be better then Hughes net .You pay out of the nose for 425mbs and they cut you off saying you used up your allowed FAP . It’s all a rip off and the government lets them do it !

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