4 thoughts on “AT&T now has 10 million U-verse high speed Internet customers”

  1. Gee, you would think that AT&T would find a way to offer broadband in first ring suburbs in their service area right? In my subdivision they won’t even sell DSL anymore, only a POTS line. The most galling part, our subdivision is Fiber to the Curb! So I’m looking out my Home Office Window about 40 feet to the curb staring at the AT&T Pedestal where the fiber terminates that they will only sell me an analog phone line over……. Great strategy there AT&T!

    1. Don’t worry Tim, you’d just have to call them every month to dispute their habitual practice of overbilling.

  2. The only reason this number is increasing is because they’re not allowing longtime customers to continue with their DSL service. They upsell the U-verse Internet service and promise speeds that their lines can’t deliver. In my area, I’m 1.3 miles from a major AT&T Central Office and .7 miles from the closest fiber box and they won’t extend of the offerings of the “real” U-verse because of what I’ve been told – “it only makes financial sense for areas with over 400 guaranteed homes.” So instead, I am paying for up to 6mbps and usually getting between .7 and 4.5, lately consistently on the low end. When calling to complain, one of their techs actually suggested that I move to a different area. WOW! Is AT&T now getting into the real estate business? They shouldn’t because their home and wireless service SUCKS

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