10 thoughts on “AT&T U-verse shows signs of life”

  1. For Verizon and AT&T to optimize their offerings, they will need to leverage broadband capabilities in both the wireline as well as wireless distribution mediums to deliver personalized content to any device. A customer demands that their service is available on all three screens depending on which one they are using at the time.

    FiOS and U-verse are a good start. Its not the end game though, just a piece of the puzzle.

  2. Because I live in San Antonio, I’ve been a trial user of the U-verse service offering since May of 06. I now had HD over IP in my house and it works.

    The main thing to get is this: it’s not just a cable replacement. Its looking at how AT&T can deliver content and sell ads over three screens. That’s where they are heading.

    My blog, http://www.3screens.net is a consumer facing blog focused on this.

    Alan Weinkrantz

  3. Havent seen Homezone reviewed or even mentioned much! Signed up Homezone/Dish in January and can say it is a nice integration of Full home DVR, VOD via WiFi/DSL, Yahoo Photos, Caller ID pop-up etc.. The Web remote is a nice touch to manage DVR recordings and program guide.

    I started with 1.5DSL and upgraded to 6Mbps to speed up the VOD streaming from Akimbo. Search and UI are intuitive but limited. Parental Controls, Payment Authorization, Yahoo Launchcast choices is primitive.

    Overall very cool addition to the media room. Wonder what the roadmap to space shifted viewing, mobility and life outside the AT&T/Yahoo/Akimbo walled garden.

  4. I was a big fan of U-verse when I first got it. Over the last 3 weeks the service has been horrific. Consistent outages (at least 3 times daily). Problems with the router, glitches in video and sound delivery. Yes, it is sharper but I just want to be able to watch and record TV consistently.

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